2020-10-11 50 21

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Sun 11 Oct 2020 in 50,21:
50.1266827, 21.1667367

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Forest near Nowa Jastrząbka village (Poland), but actually in another (Subcarpathian) voivodeship, approx. 200 m from the border. The village itself is in Lesser Poland voivodeship. 1 km from DW984 road.


Zyxist (talk)


I hoped for 3 geohashes in a row during this weekend, but all Saturday locations in the neighbourhood were on private properties and I did not attempt to visit them. Luckily, I noticed that the Sunday geohash in 50,21 would be reachable from Kraków, and this would also be the first visit in a virgin graticule. I wanted to do something silly to celebrate it.


I followed the same A4 motorway as on Friday, but travelled farther to Tarnów. There, I left the motorway, and drove to Lisia Góra village, where I turned to DW984 road. I used to travel this road frequently in the past, when the motorway was still incomplete and ended in Tarnów. From there, I had to cross two or three villages and find a nice parking spot in the forest, at the boundary of two voivodeships. I noticed that there is a gravel road that would bring me very close to the geohash. I walked it for approx. 1 km through the forest, until I left it. It was only 250 m from the destination, and it wasn't that bad. The ground was stable and covered with leaves and some wood.

Once I located the point I realized that I was very lucky. The neighbourhood was covered with several forest nurseries protected by fences to prevent animals from destroying small tress. The geohash point was only a couple of meters from such a fence, on the open and accessible ground. I took out my Virgin Graticule Special Commemorative Plaque, prepared a photo stand and made a small photo session. After spending there some time and eating a snack, I packed everything and got back to the car.



zyxist earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
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