2020-10-14 47 -122

From Geohashing
Wed 14 Oct 2020 in Seattle:
47.7059777, -122.1715134

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A residential street in the Firloch neighborhood, near Totem Lake.



Lunchtime visit, toll bridge at least one way.


$2.70 for the lunchtime toll - no COVID discount here. Found the neighborhood and street easily. Had a glitch while uploading the third picture, phone seems to have lost connection (couldn't browse the website either) - but it came back later. I'll upload the missing picture shortly.

Satellite connection was clean; almost parked on the spot. I'd love to park with a reading of <0.3 meters sometime :) After geohasher shot, I chalked for another photo - the missing element.

Following that I headed down the road. History (kirklandhistory.org) time! This neighborhood was called Firloch due to a mill by the lake. A railroad spur ran to it at one point, and the rest of the railroad is now an urban trail. No mill or spur anymore, but I wanted to see if I could see the lake. Not much chance. Satellite shows a small patch of water and choked vegetation all around, and that matches the boots on the ground. I did find one path leading part-way in, but it seemed to dead end in a mashed down area with some litter - perhaps someone's recent home. If I'm by the area in winter I'll take a comparison photo - bet we can see the lake then.

Geohash and history satisfied, I headed off to join my friends in a lunchtime walk/conference call. Juanita has a nice boardwalk that runs out into the lake; adding in the neighborhood north of that makes for about 30 minutes of walk time. Finally, 1:30 - time for Spud! and a drive home around the north end of the lake. A few miles further but $4.70 cheaper - that's 2 gallons of gas and 80-100 miles for my Prius.