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Sunday 2022-07-03 47.7698463, -122.1318692 google osm bing/os kml crox

Monday 2022-07-04 47.8640994, -122.6233246 google osm bing/os kml crox

Today's Location: [Seattle, WA]

The Seattle, WA graticule is at latitude 47, longitude -122. It completely encloses the cities of Seattle, Tacoma, and Olympia, as well as the surrounding large cities. This graticule encloses most of the Puget Sound and essentially encompasses the major hub of western Washington.

Land usage
38.44%	Other Land/Fields
30.46%	Water
14.73%	Settlements
4.88%	Natural reserves
4.75%	Industrial/Military
4.01%	Near roads
2.73%	Near highways

If the geohash is close to shore, be sure to check the Tide Chart before you go.

Expedition planning is primarily on the Seattle talk/discussion page.


Most recent (and future) geohashes on top, Saturday meetups in bold.

2022-05-31 -- Within the "Endless" art exhibit on Bellevue College campus.

2022-05-27 -- SE 42nd in Factoria, relatively near a GeoSquishy vendor.

2022-05-26 -- On 17th ave (a temporary walking only street) in central Ballard.

2022-04-01 -- On Richmond Beach access pathway, close to a park and a bowling alley.

2022-03-26 -- On UW campus, inside the Husky Union Building.

2022-03-15 -- In Madison Park, in Madison Park, just off East Madison Street.

2022-03-01 -- Private property next to the Burke Gilman trail in Lake Forest Park.

2022-02-24 -- Woods near a Brier cemetery.

2021-10-18 -- In Kirkland.

2021-08-23 -- Curbside geohash outside Queen Anne Vision Clinic.

2021-03-28 -- On the grounds of the Brightwater treatment plant.

2021-02-18 -- The north edge of Queen Anne, near the Fremont bridge.

2021-02-11 -- The middle of 2nd Ave NE in the Meridian Park neighborhood of North Seattle.

2020-10-28 -- A hillside sidewalk on Magnolia hill.

2020-10-14 -- A residential street in the Firloch neighborhood, near Totem Lake.

2020-08-25 -- Near a freeway onramp in Issaquah.

2020-08-18 -- Back yard of a house in North Seattle.

2020-07-12 -- Parking area for Mountain View apartments, Lynnwood.

2020-07-10 -- Quite close to NW 145th and 3rd NW; parking for Llandover woods trail?

2020-06-02 -- Next to a business on W. Marine View Drive in Everett.

2020-05-21 -- Geohashing Day! Private property in Edmonds.

2020-05-19 -- In the wetlands alongside Swamp Creek in Kenmore.

2020-05-18 -- In Discovery park, possibly on the roof of a wastewater treatment building.

2020-05-16 -- Public parking area at Shilshole Bay Marina.

2020-04-30 -- An apartment complex near Inglemoor High School.

2019-09-03 -- Off Highway 99 in Lynnwood.

2019-07-31 -- In the middle of Green Lake. Not the neighborhood - the lake itself!

2019-07-14 -- On Roosevelt Way NE in the U-District, just south of NE 42nd and across from the Allegro apartments.

2019-07-07 -- Junction of the Burke-Gilman Trail and Sammamish River Trail in Bothell.

2019-07-04 -- The pedestrian space in front of Lake Union Park, quite close to the spraypark.

2019-06-22 -- Parking lot in downtown Bellevue.

2019-04-30 -- On Lake City Way east of Northgate.

2018-12-20 -- Everett Mall south parking lot.

2018-11-12 -- The northern edge of the Ring Hill Forest , between Woodinville and Duvall.

2018-08-18 -- In the access way of Taqueria hermanos cardona (a Mexican food taco truck) and a Chevron gas station.

2018-07-25 -- Just of 154th street, south of Inglemoor golf course.

2018-07-24 -- The back yard of a home in Victory Heights, north Seattle.

2018-06-28 -- Just off the Hollyhillis Powerline Trail in West Woodinville - or is it?

2018-06-21 -- The front yard of a house in Madrona.

2018-06-14 -- Just off Northeast Spring Boulevard in Bellevue.

2018-04-27 -- Front lawn of a house in Woodway, WA, in Snohomish county, just north of Seattle.

2018-04-23 -- Side of a road near Maltby.

2018-04-13 -- side of a road in Everett

2018-03-15 -- A return to Yost park, and a more accessible location.

2018-02-10 -- Near the banks of the Black River in Renton.

2018-01-28 -- A residential street in Mountlake Terrace, quite close to the High School.

2017-12-29 -- Just off Highway 9 near Woodinville, an accessible road near a retention pond.

2017-12-23 -- One block from Interlaken Park and two blocks from the Capitol Hill Wishing Tree on E. Galer.

2017-12-09 -- Next to Lake Washington Blvd in the Mount Baker neighborhood.

2017-11-27 -- In the middle of a grassy area in Genesee Park and Playfield.

2017-11-10 -- The intersection of 8th NE and NE 97th in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle.

2017-11-01 -- The back yard of 924 NW 105th in Ballard.

2017-10-09 -- A copse of trees in Magnuson Park, near the boat ramp.

2017-09-23 -- Near Klahanie Mountain View Pool in Issaquah.

2017-09-18 -- Driveway of a house in south Rose Hill, Kirkland.

2017-09-13 -- Sidewalk near 156th Ave SE and I-90.

2017-08-31 -- Private property near Woodway.

2017-07-29 -- In an overgrown lot near East Bremerton.

2017-07-25 -- Between highway 522 and the Burke Gilman trail; the sidewalk in front of a small building.

2017-06-21 -- On the beach of Idylwood park, Redmond.

2017-06-18 -- Out the front of a house in a cul-de-sac in Shoreline.

2017-05-16 -- Private property - behind a house in Broadview.

2017-03-08 -- On a Laurelhurst street.

2017-02-28 -- On the side of a street on Mercer Island.

2017-02-07 -- At the corner of NW 80th and 11th Ave NW in Ballard, NW of Seattle.

2016-11-26 -- Inside the Dog & Pony Alehouse in Renton.

2016-10-24 -- A street in Redmond Town Center.

2016-08-27 -- In Lincoln Park, West Seattle.

2016-08-23 -- A back yard in Loyal Heights, NW Seattle.

2016-08-04 -- In front of a cremation service in Lynnwood.

2016-04-25 -- On 18th avenue, across from the TT Minor building on Capitol Hill.

2016-04-16 -- On the Montlake playfield, just south of the 520 bridge.

2016-04-08 -- Maltby, east of 522, under some power lines, and just north of a sculpture.

2016-04-02 -- In the woods of Puget Park in West Seattle.

2016-02-19 -- On the side of a road near Factoria.

2016-02-05 -- On the grounds of Holyrood cemetery.

2016-01-25 -- Inside the fence at the Auburn Golf Course.

2016-01-24 -- Near a Texaco station just north of Silver Lake in Everett.

2016-01-18 -- The parking lot of Meadowlands Playfields in north Lynnwood.

2016-01-15 -- Rainier Vista neighborhood in south Seattle.

2015-12-31 -- On a sidewalk in between Kent and Tacoma, <1km away from 7-Eleven.

2015-12-30 -- On the grounds of the Bellevue Youth Theater.

2015-12-29 -- Bushland behind house in a wealthy suburb of Redmond.

2015-12-28 -- A creek next to a church parking lot just north of Lake Ballinger.

2015-12-21 -- Sidewalk on First Hill.

2015-11-15 -- On/by a farm in Poulsbo.

2015-11-10 -- Driveway for Allied Steel Fabricators, across the street from Nintendo of America.

2015-11-04 -- Near a house on Phinney Ridge, just north of the PNA.

2015-11-02 -- The north plaza of Century Link Field.

2015-09-30 -- A car wash in Tacoma.

2015-09-16 -- Near an orienteering course in Lord Hill Regional Park.

2015-09-01 -- Strip mall near Silver Lake in south Everett.

2015-07-23 -- On 65th, a few blocks up from Sandpoint and the Burke-Gilman Trail.

2015-07-20 -- Street in a new North Redmond development.

2015-07-14 -- A forested lot near Meadowdale (west of Beverly Acres) in Lynnwood.

2015-07-09 -- North edge of Cedar Park in Lake City.

2015-07-04 -- Hillside next to a roundabout in Redmond.

2015-06-09 -- 203rd Place NE in Cottage Lake, east of Woodinville.

2015-06-02 -- On a driveway in the town of Summit-Waller, just south of Tacoma.

2015-05-29 -- In Logan Park, located in the Alderwood Manor neighborhood.

2015-05-13 -- On 39th Ave SE near 224th St SE in Canyon Park.

2015-05-01 -- Just east of Sahalee golf course in Sammamish.

2015-04-30 -- Apartments or Condos near woodland in Redmond.

2015-04-26 -- Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, with a view of the Space Needle.

2015-04-22 -- Earth day in Federal Way, just off the West Campus Trail.

2015-04-18 -- The middle of a house in Bonney Lake.

2015-04-11 -- Seattle Hill Road in Mill Creek.

2015-04-08 -- A driveway in Canyon Park, Bothell.

2015-03-24 -- On the southern border of Yost Memorial Park.

2015-02-11 -- A wooded hillside south of Chateau Ste Michelle winery and west of the Sammamish river.

2015-01-27 -- Northwest section of Tambark Creek Park, off 35th Ave SE near Mill Creek.

2015-01-07 -- Front yard of a house in West Seattle.

2015-01-04 -- An alley just north of Rainier Square Plaza in south Seattle, near the Charlestown Hill Climb.

2014-12-07 -- Next to someones house, near Hickman Park in Woodway, with a mystery field to the east.

2014-12-01 -- Parking lot of a Lynnwood apartment complex.

2014-11-03 -- Someones front yard off Blue Ridge Drive in Lynnwood.

2014-10-30 -- A circular drive in downtown Bellevue.

2014-09-15 -- Linden Ave N, just south of the Woodland Park Rose Garden (and Zoo).

2014-06-29 -- In a road in the Port of Seattle, on Harbor Island.

2014-06-28 -- A warehouse in Kent.

2014-06-12 -- 11th ave NE, near Northgate.

2014-05-28 -- Driveway for Chestnut Montessori School in Bellevue, close to 520 and Burgermaster.

2014-05-23 -- A residential street in front of 17810 NE 34th St in Redmond, just west of Lake Sammamish.

2014-05-21 -- A hillside off 95th Avenue in Bothell.

2014-05-17 -- Just off the road leading into Hidden Valley, in Juanita.

2014-05-16 -- Redmond Ridge East, just off the Woodpecker trail.

2014-04-08 -- Between a trail and a stream in Lake Sammamish State Park.

2014-03-30 -- In a road in an office park in Bothell

2014-03-12 -- The backyard of (another) Jack in Wedgwood.

2014-03-11 -- NW 80th Street in Ballard, between 21st and 22nd ave NW.

2014-02-21 -- Behind the Polyclinic in downtown Seattle.

2014-02-12 -- The backyard of 5517 37th Ave NE in Bryant.

2014-02-04 -- The backyard of 16341 Interlake Ave North in Shoreline.

2014-02-03 -- Magnuson Park, south of the Kite Hill and north of the Boat Launch.

2014-01-25 -- On the grounds of Pinehurst K-8 School.

2014-01-16 -- East of the Maltby Cafe down Paradise Lake Road.

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