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Inside of what was once Europe's largest yoghurt factory.



Go ther, find a way inside or at least walk up the funny ramp once more.


I know this building! - from the outside... I found there at least two GeoCaches already. But I was not sure however if I can enter the building. Any way, it is a interesting area to take some pictures. The massive concrete building was once Europe's largest yoghurt factory. Then a art school took it over and drove all the yoghurts out. And now the Geohash, also some kind or art (rightht?), is here. 😃

First I checked the back entrances which are very close to the hash. But one does not simply walk in here. You need a batch to open the doors! I didn't want to sneak inside so I went up the ramp which was once used by trucks to delivering the cow juice. On the top I took through the gate a picture of the large board which once displayed the train departure times at the main station - before they replaced it with one who also can display advertisements...

On two levels the doors are down a hallway and so a bit inside the building. That way I was actually able to enter the building her for some meters. I reached close enough to be inside the error level of the GPS (under some tons of concrete). But that didn't feel like I reached the hash. So I decided to walk all the way back to the main entrance and give it a shot.

At the main entrance I expected to need to convince some one to let me in. But the door opened for me automatically and no one cared when I walked in. No guard or reception to see - just lots of students. And huge signs promoting to wear masks and clan your hands. But only about 50% of the people actually seam to care. I put on my mask.

A long corridor lead to the back of the building where I had to choose between a hallway leading left and right - short before the area where the haspoint must be. I went left and it ended at the entrance of a cinema. The hash needs to be inside it! But from the sound I guess that a movie was playing. I didn't dear to enter.

Heading back to a stair and up. Soon I stood on the other side of one of the doors which would not let me in before. And this time it opened automatically when I approached. As if it would say: "Go out! You'r not belonging here!". I gave it a cold shoulder and just peeked outside to get some orientation on how close I where to the hashpoint. The second lantern from west was a good guidance. Unfortunately, on this floor the hashpoint was inside of a classroom where it seamed they held some classes.

I went up an other level. Maybe even two. The building is quit confusing inside with lots of twisting passages and not a single stair house from the bottom to the top. The situation was any way similar: A occupied room.

Up to the next level. This one was promising! On the north wall where several narrow rooms, used for teaching music instruments. A corridor west to south connecting them. They have a window in the door and though it I could see a piano and behind, though an other window, the second lantern! It was hard to guess exactly, but the hash must be in the corridor where I stood or close to the door of one of the two narrow class rooms. I was close to state that I reached it, but lets try to get closer and more sure!

On the way I noticed to my surprise that there are almost no artworks inside this art school. Do they need to create it first or do I, as a layman, just not see it?

Taking some twisting stairs up, passing at least one floor with no hope, I stood in front of a silvery mirroring wall with several doors labeled "concert hall". Locked for sure. Disappointing, the hashpoint must be behind it. An other stair lead up to the rooftop. The door there opened automatically but as I saw on the satellite image beforehand, there is no access to the hash with out a ladder. A huge ladder in fact!

Was it that? Who could I ask to open one of the doors? After confirming with a peek outside that the hash need to be inside the concert hall, I stood in front of the mirroring wall, seeing myself as a wobbling image and feeling a bit sad. Desperately and with no hope I pressed the handle on one of the silver doors. And it opened! Behind was a black and twisting corridor with light at the end. The concert hall was in bright light and a single guy was sitting on the floor working on a laptop. A bit unsure I asked if I may come in and take some pictures. Disinterested he replayed that I should just go ahead and to it! Wonder full! There was no window in the concert hall, but the hash must be inside this big room. It felt like I reached a treasure room and the guarding dragon was busy else where! I took some pictures from where I think the hash must be and went out again. The guy didn't take further notice, he was in a video call.

Now when I write about my adventure for this haspoint, it feels like describing a dungeon crawl in a pen and paper role playing game. Just with out traps and monsters! 😂

Like that was also the way out: Over several stairs, along of cleared out rooms and hallways the exit was good to find. I took some pictures of the outside as well.

Later when I arrived at home, a surprise waited for me in the letterbox: Open Street Map swag stickers! Yes!



Tungmar earned the Ambassador achievement
by obtaining permission from a busy guy in the concert hall to access the (47, 8) geohash on 2020-10-16.