2020-11-21 53 10

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Sat 21 Nov 2020 in 53,10:
53.6715242, 10.0379915

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on a large field in Hamburg-Hummelsbüttel




Try to reach my first geohash-point. Today it is near and on a field.



I followed walking trails, crossed a stubble field (100m) and went on a field of grass (20m). Then I was just at the coordinates N53° 40.291 E010° 02.279. I took some photos and then went without leaving anything but traces. New to this sport, I did not have the meetup time in mind, but I was there short after 16:00, on my last photo my watch shows 16:13.

π π π

My first regular expedition where someone else also showed up (though not at the same time)! Welcome, MikroKosmos! In retrospect, maybe I shouldn’ve left just before the meetup time, but I didn‘t expect anyone else to come at all.

I took the train to Kiwittsmoor and then cycled 2.5 km to the hash, managing to take two wrong turns on the way. I left my bike on the path, jumped over a ditch to get to a frequented dogwalking path. I considered waiting until nobody looked, but that would have taken some time, so I just paced across the field in plain sight and entered a small stretch of forest. I walked through it for about 70 m until I found a good spot to cross the next ditch and enter the field of the geohash. 35 m across the grass, I found the location and took pictures, then walked 160 m back to my bike, crossing a fence, some undergrowth and the first ditch again. Then I wanted to head back to Kiwittsmoor, but missed my turn and ended up accidentally cycling 2.7 km to Langenhorn Nord station, where I saw my train leave as I arrived, so I had to wait for the next one.



π π π

will follow shortly (8 pictures)


Land geohash, Bicycle geohash (π π π), Public transport geohash (π π π)

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