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Fri 11 Jun 2021 in 50,7:
50.6035520, 7.1620612

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A field just outside of Remagen-Oedingen. There’s a footpath that passes by GZ at about 15 m distance, and from the satellite photo it looks like there’s only some minor agriculture, no significant obstacle, in the way.



mirabilos +1 intends to be there by 20:30 localtime (18:30 UTC) because 16:00 would be too hot. We plan on geocaching around the area as well, probably afterwards.

I’ll place a virtual Munzee right on the spot and a physical Munzee as close-by as possible.


We ended up having to hurry a bit, but there was a nice parking lot nearby at the Dorfgemeindehaus and local football (soccer, for you Amis) kicking ground, from which we could reach a path towards the hashpoint.

The agriculture at this time of day started out with gooseberries; however, GZ had currants instead. Either not yet ripe.

Against expectations I was able to walk on grass between the delicious(but later) shrubs to get within ±1m (plus uncertainty bubble) of GZ. I had borrowed some chalk from the neighbours’ kids, but the path wasn’t tarred so a wooden post had to do for a (environment-friendly) marker.

We managed to arrive around 20:25 and stuck around until about 20:35 localtime. I’ve published a Virtual Munzee right on the spot, and eyeinthesky put a physical Munzee on a metal part of the wooden post closest to the path. We then went on geocaching (but there was no hash collision with one, the nearest one I found was some hundred metres further).


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File:2021-06-11 50 7 trail.gpx



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