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Geocacher, geodasher, etc. with nothing to stop me ☺

Currently in Ninja Geohasher mode.

Expeditions and Achievements

Note to self: User:Ilpadre looks nice, as starting point.

2014-10-20 None attempted yet (either too far or inaccessible or I couldn’t get there on that day or I didn’t look at the map or I was unaware that people, indeed, go GeoHashing.

Tools I made and/or use


My own maps

These use a somewhat hardcoded location (covering most of Europe) and always run the 30W rule. The globalhash is included.

Besides not using the CGI parametres yet for more dynamicity, this is Beta status.

GPX export

Needs info to be written. Is fully 30W compliant. Mimics GS “faux geocache” GPX format, is thus compatible e.g. with Cachebox for Windows Mobile, and similar “limited world view” geocache äpps. Alpha (experimental) status.


I only have a glofiish X650 that doubles as GPSr and (1.3 Megapixels) camera. Don’t blame me. I’m not one for photos. Sometimes I go geocaching without any tech.


Waypoints – wish I could embed my nice dynamically generated statpic here, but for now, this has to suffice until I’ve got time to deal with the MW API.

These include geocaches found and hidden, events attended, dashpoints claimed, GeoVexilla flags captured, Muzees captured and deployed, Waymarks visited and owned, and of course (eventually) Meetups.


My content here is published under The MirOS Licence.