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West of -30°: .2791277, .8182181
East of -30°: .3052358, .5194771
Globalhash: -35.057547672516, 7.011755772278 (Nominatim)

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Expeditions and Plans

Segovia, Spain Wingman Inaccessible, on a huge fenced property near Rozas de Puerto Real.
Innsbruck, Austria Dirimwar On the grounds of the vocational college for wood technology in Absam.
Strasbourg, France Baarde In a cornfield near Ebersheim.
Bonn, Germany Santu, Gefrierbrand, pedro the dog The hash was located right next to a path above the Moselle.
Kassel, Germany GeorgDerReisende The hash lay behind the first gate of an fuel depot.

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