2022-01-05 50 20

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Wed 5 Jan 2022 in 50,20:
50.0809556, 20.0085942
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Grounds of the church of Saint Brother Albert in Kraków, Czyżyny district.




The hashpoint could be easily reached with trams or buses, therefore I wanted to go there while being out for the evening.


I left the tram at Stella-Sawickiego stop. The hashpoint was only 500 meters of walk through residential areas. It was extremely cold despite temperatures being above 0°C, due to humidity. Soon, I saw the gate to the church grounds - the church was a modern building; I liked the overall view of the entrance. The size of the windows and the light going from inside looked impressive. There was a holy mass inside, so I did not attempt to visit the church itself. Instead, I made a couple of photos and started looking for the hashpoint. At some point, a police car arrived at the parking while I was walking from place to place with a phone trying to find the right spot - they just turned around and left :). Finally, I found it at a small church parking, still within the church property limits, just a couple of tens of meters from the building, so I think it counts as a Holy Hash Achievement, yay!



zyxist earned the Holy hash achievement
by reaching the sacred (50, 20) location, which is Roman-Catholic Church of Saint Brother Albert, on 2022-01-05.