2022-02-02 -38 146

From Geohashing
Matt at the hash.
Wed 2 Feb 2022 in -38,146:
-38.3351460, 146.2508898
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At a pine plantation near Delburn.



Woke up. Checked the hash - looks good! Out of bed, chuck some clothes on, on the bike. Coalville Road. McDonalds Track. Classic start. Peeled off the way you'd go to Mirboo North. But not going that far today. Down into the valley and up again. Turn off the usual route onto forestry roads. Plenty of wallabies. Not too bothered by me until the last minute when they bounce away. Yellow-tailed black cockatoos overhead. Patchwork of forestry - some parts razed recently, gives a barren look. Bear darts away between the trees. Plenty of kangaroos as I climb the last hill. Cross the Strzelecki Hwy. No of course it wasn't a bear. But not sure what else it could've been. Find the hash. Back the way I came. No bear this time. No bear last time either. But what else could it have been? About bear sized, about bear shaped - though I only saw a hind quarter. Heavy footfall, loud snort. Pawed, not hooved. Not a bear though.




Matt earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 44 kms to and from the (-38, 146) geohash on 2022-01-25.
Geohash 2022-02-02 -38 146 01 Hash.jpg