2022-06-13 62 29

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Mon 13 Jun 2022 in 62,29:
62.6827806, 29.6898753
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In a forest in western Jaamankangas, on the slope of a small hill.

The point on a topographic map: [1]



This hashpoint ended up in a location that was easily accessible by bicycle. I have been thinking of doing a Camping Geohash for a long time, but no good chances have yet come up. This one would be nearly perfect: it was within a relatively short distance, in a place where I can place a tent and sleep in it (many types of terrain are unsuitable for various reasons), and the weather would be nice (temperature 15–20 °C with possible showers in the night). I could carry my small tent and a sleeping bag on the rear rack and other equipment in a backpack. The sun would set at 23:00 and rise at 3:02 (source: [2]), and there would be only civil twilight even at solar midnight, so I would not need an artificial light source.

I set off at about 22:50 on Sunday 2022-06-12. I thought that I would have way more than enough time to get there and set up a camp before midnight, and I did, but I was slowed down more than I would have liked by road conditions. Marjosärkäntie and Kyyrönsuontie roads were so bumpy in places that I had to ride slowly to prevent my load from falling off the rack. The forest road from Jaamankankaantie road to the geohash was covered with substantial rocks and roots and in some places soft sand, so I had to go slowly again. I kept wondering how many spokes would break during the rough trip, but thankfully none did. I eventually reached the loop at the end of the forest road at 23:40 and walked the last sixty metres with all the equipment. A swarm of mosquitoes immediately started to follow me and attacked me once I stopped at the hashpoint. The terrain had quite a slope, and there were lots of tree stumps and fallen branches on the ground, so I had to pick a place for the tent a few metres away from the hashpoint. I pitched the tent as quickly as I could, took a few quick photos and ran inside leaving all the mosquitoes outside.

Midnight came and went, and I fell asleep in the sleeping bag at some point between half twelve and one. The night was warm enough to spend comfortably as the temperature only went down to 12 °C and increased again when the sun rose. I woke up a few times to reposition myself or to listen to mosquitoes or an occasional shower. The tent is water-resistant, so everything inside stayed dry. The rain was mild enough that the plants and the ground absorbed it all, so when I woke up at eight, everything except the outer layer of the tent was dry. I took my time to get up and ate a light breakfast consisting of two carrots, two satsumas, a protein drink and water. I thought I could claim a Picnic achievement, but I did not remember that I needed to bring specific picnic accessories with me. I only realised this when I was back at home. Damn! Oh well, I can try this again later.

I eventually got out of the tent and wrapped it up as quickly as I could. The mosquitoes again began to attack me almost immediately. At 8:55, I grabbed all my stuff, walked back to the bicycle and began cycling back, at which point I finally left the swarm of mosquitoes behind. I took another forest road that was much smoother and actually paved with gravel. Even though it was a longer route, it was faster than the route that I took to the geohash. Had I realised this in advance, I could have saved a few minutes of time and not put my bicycle at such a high risk of taking damage. I cycled to Joensuu, spent much of the day at work and cycled back home in the evening.

According to my GPS receiver, the length of the trip was 33.7 km, of which I cycled 33.5 km.




Kripakko earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (62, 29) geohash on 2022-06-13.
Kripakko earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 33.5 km to and from the (62, 29) geohash on 2022-06-13.
Kripakko earned the Midnight Geohash achievement
by reaching the (62, 29) geohash on 2022-06-13 in the middle of the night.
Kripakko earned the Sunrise Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (62, 29) geohash on 2022-06-13 to smile at the first rays of sun to cross the horizon.
Kripakko earned the Camping geohash achievement
by camping in a tent at the (62, 29) geohash on 2022-06-13, from 23:43 to 8:55.
Is it true that Kripakko earned the Picnic achievement?
In principle, yes.
But he did not bring any picnic accessories with him, and while he had tissue paper that did serve as napkins, he failed to photograph them and himself in action (2022-06-13 62 29).