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This user earned the Camping geohash achievement
by camping at the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]], from sundown to sunrise.

Reaching coordinates is one thing, but real geohashers don't just photograph the GPS and run away. Real geohashers stay at the geohash all night. At least, to achieve this award they do.


Award yourself this achievement when you:

  • camp out within 1 km of the coordinates
  • you must remain at the coordinates for at least five hours, and stay over midnight

You can sleep in a tent, a box, build an iglu, or whatever shelter you want except pre-existing buildings or vehicles (no cars or camping vans). Sleeping under the open sky is allowed. Staying up all night partying fulfils the letter of the achievement, but what shape will you be in for the next day's geohash?


Please include in your expedition report timestamped photographs of

  • your GPS and surroundings on arrival
  • your sleeping arrangements
  • your GPS and surroundings on departure

Related Achievements

If you are awake at midnight you can take another proof picture in order to also qualify for the Midnight Geohash achievement.

If you camp for seven days in a row, you are eligible for the Endurance Geohashing achievement.

The sensible camper would prepare and eat at least one meal at the coordinates, which could make you eligible for the Picnic Geohash achievement.


The first winners of this award were Rhonda and Robyn for their 2009-05-02 expedition.

Geohasher(s) Expedition Distance slept from geohash Notes
Rhonda & Robyn Silver Lake Park, USA 937 m Geohash was just outside state campground. We camped in nearest available legal site.
Felix Dance Bunyip State Park, Australia 150m Geohash on slope, got to flat ground.
Calamus Wädenswil Hill, Switzerland 0m In the open. During a thunderstorm.
Pedalpusher Orangeville Center, NY, USA 23m In a tent under some pine trees.
Fippe Wennigsen, Germany 0m In a sleeping bag on a mat.
SastRe.O Weitenhagen, Germany 6m In bivouac.
Kripakko Joensuu, Finland < 5 m In a sleeping bag in a tent.