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Mon 25 Jul 2022 in Barcelona, Catalonia:
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On the forest by Castellar del Vallès, Catalonia.




After more than a months since my last expedition I finally go after one again. The reason was that I had not luck with my hashes lately, but also the heat-wave made me consider not going after some others.

Today? Only 31-32ºC so I gave it a try. Took +3L of frozen water with me and grabbed Frühlingskiefer right after the peak of sun. I had still a few hours of intense sun ahead of me but I was mentally prepared (and physically taking precautions).

First part I went towards Ripollet where I biked upstream by the Ripoll river until after Sabadell. I had never been this paths and I found it quite beautiful with some unexpected cliffs on both sides and the city of Sabadell above it. Here I had almost finished one of the bottles of water I had with me but the others I had on my backpack still had ice on them, so I had nothing to fear.

Now I entered some forest with shade but that also meant that the slopes were more evident. I still had to sweat them. On one of those paths I almost run over a squirrel! It came out from nowhere and as soon as it saw me it vanished to where it came from equally rapid, but I still had to hit the brakes.

A while after I was reaching the hash area. Parked my bike and made the final approach on foot since it was not directly on the path but inside the forest. And I always mention it but forests here are dense and full of thorns. So difficult to go even only 4 meters inside if there is no path. Lucky for me, there were some very narrow paths made probably by boars I could barely follow until I reached a spot where I gathered sufficient proof of arrival.

Then took the bike again and towards Sabadell, and then following bicycle lanes went along the train tracks. In Bellaterra I had enough for today and decided I would take the train there. I had finished my water and I got myself something to eat.

And that was it.




Land and bike.

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