2022-11-23 41 2

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Wed 23 Nov 2022 in Barcelona, Catalonia:
41.3587805, 2.1524284
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In Montjuïc, Barcelona, Catalonia.




The hash fell in Barcelona and I could get me some time to visit the hash today.

I took public transport to get there with the particularity that I got to take a funicular to go to a hash for the second time. It's not that evident but Barcelona is quite hilly with not only the Tibidabo, but the hills of Montjuïc or in the Carmel and such. So if I am not mistaken and remember correctly, I still have a third funicular to take on the city of Barcelona :P

So once in Montjuïc I still had some walking to do. I first went to the castle in Montjuïc following was apparently was the older funicular which used to go even higher than now. Once on the castle I walked around it and had the first nice views of the city of Barcelona.

I found a few geocaches along the way and lastly approached the hash location. It was in a very convenient place, next to the path and on an easy terrain with no slope. Once I had proof I realized there where a few stars marking the spot.

After that I took a similar way back to the funicular station, walking on the cliff side of the castle and then wandering around a park.

An easy expedition.




SastRe.O earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (41, 2) geohash on 2022-11-23 via Train (S1), Subway (L3) and Funicular of Montjuïc.
2022-11-23 41 2 funicular.JPG

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