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West of -30°: .7651490, .1103475
East of -30°: .6218675, .8854864
Globalhash: 21.936157530131,138.775087504230

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Expeditions and Plans

Ballarat, Australia Lachie Somewhere
Melbourne West, Australia BarbaraTables, Stevage, John, Lachie, * In a large vacant block of land in Greenvale, in Melbourne's northen suburb...
Québec, Québec Gict, Gict's boyfriend In a field, on the side of Harlaka bike path in Pintendre.
Seattle, Washington Thomcat The side of a street in Leota, just east of Woodinville.
Bamberg, Germany Torodeas Somewhere
Rheine, Germany Fippe located next to a ditch on a field in Nortrup.

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