2024-06-06 48 11

From Geohashing
Thu 6 Jun 2024 in 48,11:
48.1158458, 11.5848433
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In Munich next to a Basketball field



  • Iqui: As this was the first geohash I actually attempted to go to, I wasn't expecting to meet someone at the location after not being able to locate it for quite a while. rkschlotte was a very freindly guy with quite a lot of experience when it came to geography-based games similar to geohashing, and even showed me around Munich a bit, telling me about a couple of interesting things I didn't know or had not seen before.
  • rkschlotte: When I arrived near the location some guy stared suspiciously into the direction of ground zero and onto his GPS device - it was immediately clear to me that this must be Iqui, whose plan to visit today's spot I had read just an hour earlier. After saying hello we moved with little effort to the target coordinates and took some photos. While chatting it turned out that we would leave into the same direction, and because we used the same means of transportation - bicycles - we just joined up and kept talking while riding.