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This graticule contains parts of Austria and Czechia. Today's location

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by being the location of 23 expeditions on 2022-05-01 48 14 and is promoted to Level 3 (Coordinates reached).


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  1. Arrow2.png 2011-01-08 48 14Masterbase, FotoJunky — A field in Allerheiligen im Mühlkreis, Austria — Succeeded
  2. Arrow2.png 2014-08-19 48 14Patrizius — was located in a small village called Linden, near the border between Upper... — Succeeded
  3. Arrow2.png 2015-08-02 48 14Crankl, B2c, Micsnare — This is part of an elevenfold multihash. For the complete report of the mul... — Succeeded
  4. Arrow2.png 2017-12-25 48 141-0, nawei — Northeast of Linz in Sandl. — Succeeded
  5. Arrow2.png 2020-07-01 48 14pah — Close to a small path above a small lake in Leonding (Austria). — Succeeded
  6. Arrow2.png 2022-04-23 48 14pah — On a field in Polsing in the Alkoven (Upper Austria) municipality. — Succeeded
  7. Arrow2.png 2022-04-27 48 14pah — On a field in Linz-Bergern. — Succeeded
  8. Arrow2.png 2022-05-01 48 14pah, lia — In a small forest near Reitling, Wartbert ob der Aist. — Succeeded

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