2022-05-01 48 14

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Sun 1 May 2022 in 48,14:
48.3383708, 14.4810312
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In a small forest near Reitling, Wartbert ob der Aist.



pah and lia plan to visit the hash during early afternoon and enjoy a nice Sunday walk along the Aist river during spring time afterwards.


After visiting lia‘s parent for lunch and coffee/cakes, pah U+110DB.png and lia took a small detour on their way back to Linz to visit today‘s hashpoint, which was indeed locked in a small forest close to Reitling, Wartbert ob der Aist. After a short walk on the side of a field, they entered the forest and could basically walk directly towards the hash for the remaining 100m.

The only obstacle on their path was a small creek, which they could cross with an very elegant jump. The following Dance™ in the forest took longer than expected, until pah finally locked in a good GPS reading right on the middle of the small path they encountered on the other side of the creek. Maybe the dance could have been avoided entirely by just waiting for the GPS to settle…

pah captured the proof, marked the spot, recorded the grin™ and they took some pictures of the surroundings. On their way back to the car, saw a family of deer in the distance and took a minor detour before driving back home to Linz. What an easy and enjoyable expedition it was!


2022-05-01 48 14 pah tracklog.jpg


2022-05-01 48 14 pah 009.jpeg


by being the location of 23 expeditions on 2022-05-01 48 14 and is promoted to Level 3 (Coordinates reached).