The Dance™

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choreogram for The Dance™ (click to view larger original)

The Dance™[1] is an integral part of geohashing using satellite navigation (if you are going for a No Batteries Geohash, there is a variant which is called "Where was that one shrub I saw on the imagery?").

Sometimes it is called "the GPS dance" (although one can use any GNSS handheld, not just GPS), "the bee dance", or "getting signal". It may be performed with any number of partners, minimum two (the hasher and the receiver) or one if pursuing a geohash by proxy achievement.

Swing your partner round and round. This is not necessary to proceed, but turnabout is fair play, and it's really a preemptive strike, as the process of repeatedly overshooting the estimated location and having to backtrack is recompense enough. (After all, if the satellites aren't [geo]stationary, why should you be?)

The Dance™ is only classified as a two-step if you achieved a Couch Potato Geohash; otherwise it will probably take a lot more steps.


  1. not actually trademarked by anyone...we hope