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This user earned the Geohash by proxy achievement
by reaching the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]] using a GPS-carrying {{{device}}}.

This achievement can be claimed when the Geohasher navigates a device to the hashpoint and returns it safely, whether or not the point is reachable by the Geohasher. The device should be under the direct control of the geohasher. To claim the achievement, the geohasher must not reach the geohash himself.

The language of this achievement is intentionally vague, in order to include the greatest possible variety of devices. Obviously, a GPS-enabled paraplane such as dawidi's is acceptable, but we did not wish to exclude non-electronic devices such as kites, non-airborne vehicles, or organic carriers such as dogs. Having another person carry a GPS to the hashpoint does not qualify for this achievement (see Puppet Master Geohash).

This achievement was created based upon the discussion on this page: Talk:2008-10-14_49_12.


To prove their eligibility for this achievement, the Geohasher should submit at least the following (or equivalent):

  • A photo of the Geohasher with the device (goofy grin optional)
  • A photo of the device at the hashpoint
  • If available, a link to a GPS tracklog showing the device passing through (or above) the hashpoint


This achievement is not intended to enable the Geohasher to claim the Air, Water, Maker or MacGyver Achievements - those are intended to be claimed when the Geohasher reaches the hashpoint in person.

It is NOT recommended that Geohashers attempt to claim this achievement in an area qualifying for the No Trespassing Geohash.


The following Geohashers have supplied proof and have won this award:

Geohasher(s) Coordinates Device Link to Tracklog Notes
dawidi 2008-10-14 49 12 electric powered R/C paraplane ("ParaDIY") here Garmin Vista GPS in the payload mount normally used for a camera.
dawidi 2009-03-30 48 12 hobby X-3D-BL by Asctec, an electric R/C quadrocopter here Garmin Vista GPS strapped to the top of the copter
dawidi, Tomcat 2013-07-23 48 12 eTrex Vista in a bottle Film on YouTube
KarMann 2020-02-01 53 -2 DJI Mavic Mini drone Drone track on AirData Had to fly there because it was on a small lake. Video coming soon.
JoDaEmPa 2020-05-23 52 9 Phone on selfie stick
gnuX 2021-04-02 56 14 DJI Mini 2 drone Drone track on AirData Hash location in a lake