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Locals may be confused about why all these strange people are coming from all directions and gathering at this random point. Here are some suggested stories to tell them -- help fill out the list:

Actual Explanations

  • Explain that you are a group of strangers (or friends), organized via internet, hungering for adventure, that came to a set of randomly-generated GPS coordinates that happened to be here on this particular day. If they inquire further, explain about the comic, how the coordinates were generated, and direct them to the wiki if they are really interested.
  • Older people might get it quicker if you say an artist has found a way to determine spots at random to see if people meet.
  • If someone says you are trespassing, it is probably best to heed them and turn back. Shotguns are a good indicator of trouble. See Disclaimer.
  • "I'm a stranger, but I'd like to explain why I'm here. I am playing an Internet-based game that gave me coordinates that are in your backyard. I would like to rummage through the backyard in exchange for absolving you of any liability during my stay." This line was apparently successfully employed at a recent Providence geohash (courtesy of Patrick).
  • Tell them it is a "treasure hunt" based on a random "grid reference". Do not try to explain what a hash function is, or how xkcd told you to use one as a binary fraction of GPS coordinates.
  • Tell them you're photographing "an assigned point for a distributed art project."
  • "I'm playing a game where I have to go to places chosen randomly, as if a dart were thrown at a map.
  • "I'd be happy to get off your property, but my battery is dead. No, not my cell phone, the car. Yes, I have jumper cables."
  • "Why did you have to try and catch a bus in a seemingly-random direction from the CostCo gas station?" "Uh, mild stroke?"

Slightly Devious Methods

Silly Stories

Take me to your leader. BEEP BEEP
Most effective when wearing antennae
  • "Don't you know? On this site, 50 years ago, there was a bloody Mafia slaying." "Totally. Three of us are ghosts."
  • Pull an Arryn Diaz: "What year is it? WHAT YEAR IS IT?" Act relieved that it's not yet 2012 ("THERE'S STILL TIME!"), then panic and say you need to find the Google founders immediately. Ask for directions to California.
    • Needs new date now
  • Claim to be a research team sent from the internet to investigate the real world. Act really intrigued by leaves and dirt. (Alternately: "We're lost. Can you direct us to the internet?", or just adjust your shades and say "We're from the Internet".)
  • Pretend to be the Verizon tester people.
  • Say you're looking for Sarah Connor. Bring a copy of that picture from Terminator. Works best if you are alone.
  • Say you're looking for River Tam. Wear blue rubber gloves. Works best if there are two of you.
  • Say you're looking for Carmen Sandiego.
  • "Why are you here?" "Hey, everybody's gotta be somewhere."
  • When asked, say you are looking for rampant internets that recently escaped from an unsecured wireless network.
  • "Yeah, we have a token ring network, and someone tossed the token out of the window while they were driving by here. Have you seen it?"
  • "Who are you? What are you doing in my house?"
  • "I lost my doggie. Can you help us find it?" If they mention that it seems like a lot of people to be looking for a lost dog, offhandedly mention various details that imply that your dog is, in fact, a bear, or perhaps an elephant.
  • If the property owner tells you that you're trespassing, start explaining the principles of the Free Culture movement, repeatedly insisting that everything should be free. Continue until he gets bored and leaves you alone. NOTE: An unwise choice for an armed property owner.
  • "Lost a contact lens somewhere around here..." Bonus Points if you can get them to help you look.
  • "We are making an epic Internet movie! It's about GPS. And trees." Success is directly proportional to the coolness of your camera.
  • Say you're looking for bugs ... big bugs. It helps if you are wearing black suit and sunglasses.
  • Say you're looking for hugs ... big hugs. It helps if you are wearing a life size care bear costume.
  • "Are YOU my Happy Meal™?"
  • "Where's Waldo?" (or Wally, or Charlie, or Walter for those outside of North America) Bonus Points if you are dressed as Waldo. Even more Bonus Points if they help you find Waldo.
  • If they ask why you are there give them a long and awkward hug followed by "I think we both know why I'm here." Bonus Points if they agree.
  • "Well, I would have stopped earlier, but someone kept screaming something about it being 'bat country'."
  • Tell them you are contestants on the tv show "The Amazing Race" and one of the pit stops is in their backyard.
  • Tell them you are searching for the marker from google maps that was lost in this area. Bring a printout of either the marker itself or the marker placed on the map / satellite-photo of the geohash. Bonus points if you can get them to help you search for it.
  • Tell them you are here to warn people of google-markers falling out of the sky. Bring photos like these ones: [1] [2]. Works best when you are wearing a helmet. Bonus Points if you can get them to watch the sky fearfully.
  • Label your car with "DISASTER CONTROL". Wear T-shirts to match. Don't answer questions, just appease the crowds.
  • Inform them that you are from the Internet, shooting the next Youtube blockbuster. If they don't believe you, offer for them to star in it - opening the way for a certain puppet achievement...(obviously needs a camera to lend credibility).
  • "I can't leave, because you're dreaming this."
  • "We're looking for Richard III's feet."
    • needs new royal now
  • Just claim that you're playing Pokémon Go - Download it just in case. --Sourcerer (talk) 21:53, 25 August 2016 (UTC)
  • Now there's a use for junk advertising leaflets. Deliver them to addresses where the hashpoint is on their front drive. --Sourcerer (talk) 10:05, 8 April 2017 (UTC)