From Geohashing

Q: Comment savoir où aller ?

A: Allez sur le Générateur de coordonnées Pour trouver les coordonnées du jour le plus accessibles.

Q: Dans la BD, qu'indique la flèche "md5" ?

A: La flèche MD5 indique le processus de donner la date et la valeur d'ouverture du dow jones dans l'algorithme MD5 pour créer le hash. Voir l'Algorithme pour des informations plus précises sur les mécaniques de l'algorithme de geohash.

Q: Comment trouver les coordonnées ?

A: Vous aurez besoin d'un GPS ou d'un autre moyen Pour trouver les coordonnées. Les utilisateurs d'iPhone peuvent télécharger l'application sur l'iTunes store. Il existe aussi une application sur l'Android Market pour les utilisateurs de G1. Voir aussi la page d'expedition. Les utilisateurs de GPS doivent savoir que toutes les coordonnées font référence au standard WGS 84

Q: Y a-t-il des géohasheurs dans ma zone ?

A: Find the page for your graticule and see if there are other geohashers or recent expeditions listed.
  • Even if you're the only one in your area, keep geohashing. Bring your friends. People love to read your adventures and someone may come to visit you.

Q: How do I find out if anyone else is going or let people know I'm planning on attending?

A: See How to arrange meetups.

Q: What should I bring?

A: See What to bring.

Q: I don't have a car, how am I supposed to participate in this sport?

A: Some of the most avid geohashers don't use cars. Geohashing is suitable for bicycles, public transport, cross-country skis or other means.

Q: Is it okay to visit a geohash location in a neighbouring graticule instead of my “own” one?

A: Sure! There’s no rule saying you can't visit other graticules, and in some cases (for example, San Francisco), you would almost have to in order to actually access a hashpoint. Geohashing is about meeting other people, and it doesn't matter whether you do that here or there. In fact, finding a new mix of people might be a good thing. Go ahead and geohash on vacation for all we care!

Q: What do I do when I get there?

A: Poke around, take pictures, talk to people, play games, have a picnic, leave a non-permanent mark of your presence and, in general, have fun! The world is an adventure!

Q: What do I say to puzzled locals?

A: See Cover Stories.

Q: How will Geohashing get me laid?

A: You never know who you might find when you show up next Saturday.

Q: I made it! Can I put my picture on the Main Page?

A: Yes, we'd be delighted to have you do that, but please write an expedition report first.

Q: I couldn't reach the point, or if I did, there was no one there.

A You still had an adventure! Please write an expedition report for everyone to read.

Q: Is there a Facebook group for my area?

A: Take a look at the Facebook groups page.

Q: What if I can't access the exact location, but still think others nearby are trying to meet up?

A: See Radio Communications.

Q: Is there any way to automatically be notified of hashpoints which land in a specific area?

A: Sign up for the e-mail notification service.

Q: How do I answer the people who leave messages on my talk page? On their page or on mine?

A: Reply on the same page where the message was left. When you leave a message on someone else's talk page, select "Watch this page" and you will get e-mail (assuming you told the wiki your e-mail address) when there is a reply. You can always unwatch later.

Q: What do I do if the hash point is in the middle of one of the Great Lakes and I don't own a boat?

A: Bribe someone who has a boat, or buy a boat. Alternatively, arrange an alternate on the shore and meet up with people and have an adventure anyway!