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This user earned the Lowest Geohash Achievement
by reaching a depth of {{{depth}}} at the ({{{latitude}}}, {{{longitude}}}) geohash on [[{{{date}}} {{{latitude}}} {{{longitude}}}|{{{date}}}]].

Add this ribbon if you reach a geohash below sea level!

This ribbon is displayed by the people who have attended the geohash with the lowest terrain elevation. Geohashers who attended a low altitude geohash which is superseded by another at a lower altitude get to keep their ribbons. Underwater and underground geohashing are eligible for this award.

Anyone who can reach a hash within the top three or below 100 meters below sea level should put their hash down for an honorable mention.

There needs to be a proper discussion about what constitutes proper proof because altimeters are usually not so accurate. It's better to take official data.


Yosef achieved the 2017-10-24 31 35 hash at 348 meters below sea level at Kalya, Megilot, Israel

Yosef achieved the 2017-09-14 31 35 hash at 337 meters below sea level at Beit Hoglah, Megilot, Israel.

Geoff achieved the 2012-05-14 29 -80 hash at 6.7 metres below sea level at Daytona Beach Shores, Florida.

Elbie achieved the 2009-05-17 48 -123 hash, which was at 6 metres below sea level, near Swartz Bay.

Azijn & Friends achieved the Geohash for 2008-07-26 at 5 metres below sea level, in the Almere Polder. If you did a low geohash that was earlier, or a subsequent geohash that was lower, take the ribbon, even if it has expired. Enter your information in the appropriate line of the table and please also update the "currently" number on the Achievements page.

Geohash Geohashers Terrain Elevation
2017-10-24 Yosef -348 m
2017-09-14 Yosef -337 m
2012-05-14 Geoff -22' / -6.7 m
2009-05-17 Elbie -6 m
2008-07-26 Azijn -16' / -5 m
2008-08-27 Thomcat -11.3' / -3 m
2008-08-18 Relet -2.3 m

Future Developments

According to this site http://geology.com/below-sea-level/, the second lowest depression in the world is in Djibouti at 155 meters below sea level. That means that in order to pass the current record without doing anything drastic, a hasher must go to the Dead Sea Depression in Israel and Jordan.