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Portland is a common name for a city or town that is adjacent to water, and may refer to any of the following locations:

United States

  • Portland, Arkansas, a city of 552, in the Monticello graticule.
  • Portland, Colorado, a defunct city.
  • Portland, Connecticut, a city of 8,732, near Hartford.
  • Portland, Illinois, a proposed name for a city that is now part of Blue Island, a city of 23,463 in the Chicago graticule.
  • Portland, Indiana, a former name for Fountain, in the Danville, Illinois, graticule.
  • Portland, Indiana, a city of 6,437, in the Lima, Ohio, graticule.
  • Portland, Kentucky, a former town and now neighborhood of Louisville.
  • Portland, Maine, a city of 64,249.
  • New Portland, Maine, a city of 782, in the Lewiston graticule.
  • South Portland, Maine, a city of 23,324 adjoining Portland.
  • Portland, Michigan, a city of 3,789, in the Lansing graticule.
  • Portland, New York, a city of 5,502, in the Dunkirk graticule.
  • Portland, North Dakota, a city of 604, in the Grand Forks graticule.
  • Portland, Ohio, an unincorporated community in the Marietta graticule.
  • Portland, Oregon, a city of 537,081.
  • Portland, Pennsylvania, a city of 579, in the Allentown graticule.
  • Portland, Tennessee, a city of 8,458, in the Nashville graticule.
  • Portland, Texas, a city of 16,420, near Corpus Christi.
  • Portland, Dodge County, Wisconsin, a city of 1,106, in the Fond du Lac graticule.
  • Portland, Monroe County, Wisconsin, a city of 686, in the Sparta graticule.


  • Portland, New South Wales, a small town with a cement works, in the Bathurst graticule.
  • Cape Portland, Tasmania, a cape on the north-eastern tip of Tasmania, in the Waterhouse graticule.
  • Portland, Victoria, a small regional city and port of 12,000 people.


  • Portland Estates, Nova Scotia, an area of Halifax
  • Portland, Ontario, a small town north of Kingston, Ontario on Big Rideau Lake
  • Port Lands (also known as Portlands), the eastern part of the Toronto waterfront


  • Portland, Jamaica, a parish on Jamaica's north-east coast, in the Kingston (North) graticule.
  • Portland Point, Jamaica's southernmost point, in the May Pen graticule

New Zealand

  • Portland, Northland, a small town south of Whangarei.
  • Portland Island, New Zealand, a small island off the Mahia Peninsula, in the Wairoa graticule.

United Kingdom

  • The Isle of Portland, a peninsula on the coast of Dorset, in the Weymouth graticule.