Prineville, Oregon

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Prineville, Oregon is the only major town in the graticule that bears its name.

The Dalles Goldendale, Washington Hermiston
Bend Prineville Kimberly
La Pine Hampton Hines

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Rugged terrain cut by steep canyons makes much of this graticule hard to reach. The Ochoco Mountains are the main geographical feature, and nearly a third of the area falls inside the Ochoco National Rorest. Prineville, to the west, is by far the largest town, although the little seat of Wheeler County, Fossil, lies on the northern edge. The even smaller village of Mitchell is on U.S. Highway 26, which runs east to west across the graticule's middle.

Expedition History

2022-07-08 44 -120

Michael5000 and Mrs.5000 climb a little hill, eleven years after their previous joint adventure in this graticule. Success.

2019-03-22 44 -120

Michael5000 trusts his memory, which is stupid as his age. Thwarted.

2017-08-18 44 -120

Frogman and Higgs went for a brief walk in the Ochoco foothills. Success.

2011-09-19 44 -120

Michael5000 has strange encounters in the Ochoco National Forest. Success.


Michael5000 and Mrs.5000 pay a visit to Twickenham Road. Success.

2010-01-30 44 -120

Nn2s2u deflowered this graticule

2009-09-16 44 -120

Nn2s2u is thwarted by private property signs.