1965-05-06 51 0

From Geohashing
Thu 6 May 1965 in 51,0:
51.7181858, 0.4274975

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In a field next to Hylands Park, Chelmsford




Origin Geohash :)

Expedition 1 - 27-Jul-09

Knowing that my Origin Geohash was in a field near Chelmsford, I realised that a return journey from my parents' house in Norfolk was too good an opportunity to miss!

When I got up the weather looked rather nasty but I brought a few props and celebratory items just in case. It turned out to be a good move!

After 2.5 hours I arrived at the chosen car park, which turned out to be Hylands Park, a public area! This was good. Not only that, but the very wet weather into which I had been driving all the way down had given way to blue skies at the last minute.

When I saw the metal railings and thick plantation of trees between the public park and the field containing the hash point, I grew wary. Then I looked at a map on a gate and discovered that the hash was actually on farm land. However, a quick conversation with some locals followed by a reccy revealed that the field was perfect! No crops or livestock, no buildings overlooking it, and not even long grass: it was cropped short like parkland. I had the whole place to myself and nobody would even see me! :)

I returned to the car and grabbed my equipment. I had planned to do this right, so had brought camera, tripod, blanket, A4-size baby photo of myself to put over my face - and last but not least, a hash cake (ha ha, not that kind! The kind from Tesco) to which I had added exactly zero candles (I counted them twice) in honour of birthday 0.

There followed five minutes of joy at having achieved the Origin Geohash, then I packed up and left, as I had TWO official hashes to get to on my way home: Flitwick and Romsey.