2008-12-06 26 -80

From Geohashing
Sat 6 Dec 2008 in Palm Beach:
26.7112022, -80.3223535
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In the northern part of the graticule, in the right of way for the road leading to Lion Country Safari.



I left my residence around noon, to make sure I had plenty of time to enjoy the Safari park before visiting the hash point. After about an hour of driving (1PM), I drove within the circle of GPS uncertainty at 45 mph, thus gaining the speed racer achievement.

I then proceeded to pay $30 to enter the Safari Park, where I just GNU there was going to be trouble.

I was peacefully driving my way through the park, when I discovered a horrifying sight. All of the lions had been slaughtered in their enclosure!

After about an hour of driving around the safari (About 2PM), I pulled into the parking lot, and decided to walk around the smaller enclosures and noticed a chance for a second achievement, squishies! Mmmm, strawberry banana.

Also, during the walk around the enclosures, I encountered some fat, but dangerous local animals.

I walked around the enclosures for a total of about an hour, and decided that I should start making my way home, even though it was still an hour early to do the official time for the hash point. I left the park, and pulled over to the side of the road at the hashpoint, and proceeded to take the usual proofing photos. I also did a quick photo shoot for the calendar girl achievement. Since I cannot make any sort of provocative gestures without looking like I am asleep or stoned, I decided to use water, because anything with water being dumped on it is inherently sexy. Finally, I decided that since my trusty car had done the vast majority of work for this endeavor, to give it some credit with a photo. Note that yes I had changed clothes into something a little bit more dry before this photo.

As always, I have many more photos than I posted, including 4 more of the calendar girl water drenching. All photos have been downsized for the wiki, and I can provide larger ones if desired.