2009-01-10 47 -122

From Geohashing
Sat 10 Jan 2009 in Seattle:
47.8659580, -122.2797711

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North of Lynnwood, South of Mukilteo, a small park near the intersection of two highways. Convenient parking for the geohash (just north of a retirement community), and a gazebo just a few feet from the actual spot.



When it wasn't heavy snow, it was floods in the Seattle graticule. I haven't been to a geohash in over a month, and I'm guessing no others in this area have either.

I woke up pretty early, so I decided to hit the gym first, then try for a sunrise geohash. Not that many people there on Saturday pre-dawn. Plenty of them on weekday evenings - at least until they break that new years resolution.

Driving north from there I found the spot and was amazed to see a small gazebo near the spot. This would be perfect for a Saturday meetup - if only I weren't taking kids to a birthday party. Sigh - centurion gets pushed back one more week.

Still plenty of time until sunrise, so I decided to do a bit of Geoflashing and try for the Calendar Girl Achievement. The gazebo was quite handy for this purpose, along with a fence I could prop the camera on for the timed shots. I forewent the use of a flash - no sense in attracting unwanted attention - so unfortunately the pictures are blurrier than I would like. Full size originals available to the calendar editors on request.

After that, time to clean off the mud (did I mention the rain?) and warm up some. Then to the actual spot for a sunrise shot of the gps and my grin. Thirty-ninth success!


Thomcat earned the Calendar girl achievement
by taking compromising photographs for public consumption at the (47, -122) geohash on 2009-01-10.
2009 01 10 47 -122 gazebo2.jpg