2009-01-25 51 11

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Sun 25 Jan 2009 in 51,11:
51.0374503, 11.4350494
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Ok, I had a nice weekend for my own, the weather was going to be fine, and the hashing point was in a distance of about 25km - so what am I actually supposed to do but go there? Well, of course I got up late, so I started just before lunch, when the sun first came out. The roads were a little less icy than last week, but still I did not have high hopes that the snow field would have completely melted in the last seven days and therefore took better roads than the last time. Like this, I reached Niederrossla very relaxed, then found the way to the hash point in the fields... and had the first hazy notion of what might be awaiting me. Even before I was out of the village, the "road" was only a 2m-stripe of mud between fields that at least looked nice and green but were muddy all the same. Well, on the first kilometers I could at least ride my bike, even if it was tricky to direct it through all the unforeseen swampholes and puddles of ice. But spring was out on the way to the hashpoint, and my bike refused moving after quite a short time. So I pushed it to the point, already sinking in the mud with my shoes and tried just to take the necessary pictures for proof and go off as soon as possible again. Ha ha! As I had put my camera somehow on my backpack to take a picture, it simply fell off and right in the mud (don't worry, it's alright again by now... it already knows me and my spare time activities). And then the march back to a real way went on again for quite some way. I decided this day would be spoiled if I didn't do something nice, too, so I went home visiting Weimar (where I shocked the walking grannies in the park) and Mellingen. And at home again, I spent about an hour to get my bike and me clean again - apart from the shoes, as to which I still hope some good folk will show up by night and do it for me. Anyway - that was fun!



I'll claim There Might be Alligators! for this. Even if it didn't prevent me from reaching the point - I need an award for what I went through there. And some stroking. And a little chocolate, and a nice fluffy pillow...

Juja earned the There might be alligators! consolation prize
by being prevented from reaching the (51, 11) geohash on 2009-01-25 by an impassable and unforeseen field of mud (hey, I still reached the point!) (and probably lurking alligators).