2009-04-23 52 0

From Geohashing
Thu 23 Apr 2009 in Cambridge:
52.1731974, 0.1564013

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Today's geohash is right in the middle of Wort's Causeway, in southeast Cambridge. This is a good opportunity for a Speed racer achievement.

Benjw is intending to visit this hashpoint some time in the afternoon, depending on what time he gets home from work. If all goes to plan, he will already have cycled to and from the Northampton graticule hashpoint, so this will be the second stop on an all-bicycle triple hash, probably the first time this has been done.

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Should be able to leave the previous hash by 3pm. Cycle back to Cambridge through Caxton, Bourn, Toft, Comberton, Barton, Grantchester and Trumpington. Approximately 28km to next hashpoint; should be able to be there by 4:30pm.

Expedition (Benjw)

Everything pretty much as expected. Left previous hashpoint at 2:45pm, cycled 28.3km on the planned route, found hashpoint on the road on Wort's Causeway, Cambridge, at 4:10pm. Photographic documentation taken.

Full report to follow.