2010-08-11 52 1

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Wed 11 Aug 2010 in Norwich:
52.3196175, 1.3508862

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In a wheat field north of Laxfield, Suffolk, United Kingdom.




Sourcerer (Neil) went on a 5 mile walk starting and ending in Laxfield with a convenient pub at the end of the walk.

The hash point was on a public footpath path and easy to get to. There is a GPS path here at wikiloc.

The return route was less easy. Although using public footpaths, there were three deep un-bridged drainage ditches to negotiate. These needed some agility and a willingness to ignore water, mud, nettles and thistles. It was obvious from the vegetation that others had performed a glassade (a glissade performed by sliding on ones rear end) in order to cross the ditches.

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