2010-09-24 48 12

From Geohashing
Fri 24 Sep 2010 in Landshut, Germany:
48.9829422, 12.0410459

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In the Danube river south of Sinzing, a few kilometers upstream from Regensburg.


A quick detour on a nice fall day, before heading to work. The location is notable for being a mere 230 meters from 2009-12-01 48 12, which I did reach back then.

Even though I live nearby, I have never before followed this track along the riverbank on this side, as it is a dead end. I had only always looked at it from the other side of the river and somehow never realized it could be nice to go there.

It hadn't been clear from satellite imagery whether the exact coordinates were in the river or just barely on dry land, but once I got there my GPS insisted that the spot was 9 or 10 meters into the river, so I'll have to call it not reached. I could have waded maybe two more meters into the river as the water was surprisingly clear, but I didn't want to risk slipping on the algae-covered rocks. Buying an inflatable boat is planned for next spring, though :)