2011-04-01 45 -122

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Fri 1 Apr 2011 in 45,-122:
45.5523773, -122.3726063

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At the park at the Sandy River delta, at exit 18 of I-84



I saw that this was on what I knew to be some sort of park, as I had walked here before. It is flat, sandy river delta, where the Sandy meets the Columbia. In the morning I had decided not to go, but then the afternoon called me outside.


It was a short but pleasant drive from Stevenson. A short walk got us just south of the location, looking into a morass of brambles. As I waded in Kate, being more reasonable, watched. A few scratches later and I was there.

I rejoined Kate and we both walked around to the trail just north of the spot. It looked like an equally thorny 250 foot walk from that side so we held hands and took the trail back to the car.



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