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West of -30°: .4223289, .2688817
East of -30°: .8976453, .1769937
Globalhash: 71.576150155290, -116.282262531460 (Nominatim)

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Expeditions and Plans

La Pine, Oregon Michael5000 National Forest Land in northwest Lake County.
Baker City, Oregon Michael5000 In the hills east of the industrial ruins at Lime.
Prairie City, Oregon Michael5000 In National Forest land southwest of Unity.
Kimberly, Oregon Michael5000 On a hill overlooking the John Day Valley west of Mount Vernon.
Prineville, Oregon Michael5000 Deep in the Ochoco National Forest.
Bend, Oregon Michael5000 In Crooked River Ranch, an ultra-low density development northwest of Terre...
Bellingham, Washington relet At the end of E Division Street in Mt Vernon
Stuttgart, Germany Ekorren, Ufomammut Ludwigsburg, inside a house

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