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Fri 14 Sep 2012 in Norwich:
52.8149674, 1.5140635

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In the shadow of East Ruston water tower, Norfolk, UK.



Jaydublu: Not a great hardship - this location was 100 yards from the turn around point when I take our dog for his daily walk. It was in the overgrown margin of a potato field, under East Ruston water tower near Happisburgh on the North Norfolk coast. The weather was 'autumnal' with a fresh breeze, and being one of the highest locations for many, many miles the view was wonderful.

Sourcerer: Neil took a wandering route home from work and parked in the water tower access lane. The field corner had been planted with clover and seed flowers to encourage birds and bees. There was a fairly obvious tack from the field access through the clover which ended right at the hashpoint. Clearly a ninja hasher had already visited! Of course it was the track left by Jaydublu + dog. Neil says Hi and believes this is the first ever Norwich hashpoint to be visited by more than one geohasher. It's getting crowded here!


Expeditions and Plans

Norwich, United Kingdom Sourcerer, Jaydublu In the shadow of East Ruston water tower, Norfolk, UK.
Malmö, Sweden Llavids Rolsberga, Höör, Skåne, Sweden.
Moscow, Russia vb Railway tracks between Krasniy Baltiets and Leningradskaya stations.

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