2015-07-13 52 1

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Mon 13 Jul 2015 in Norwich, UK:
52.1072906, 1.0731050

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In woodland or perhaps a quarry, Clay Pit Grove, north of Little Blakenham, Suffolk, UK.




Expedition one of two spanning midnight - 2015-07-13 52 1 - 2015-07-14 52 1 - ETA 22:05.

Expedition - Fail

There have been four days of marine hashpoints. Now at last there's a land geohash.

I found the access road easily but it had changed. Google earth showed a horticultural supplies warehouse. In real life it looked like an up-market farm with security systems and attack dogs. I didn't like the look of that route.

It was cloudy and damp. There was no moon. The city lights were far away. So it was darker than usual. A short backtrack led to a public footpath and a safe parking place. I followed this in roughly the right direction. Sadly it led back to the fancy farm. Before I abandoned my attempt, I spotted my first ever real live badger with the distinctive black and white pointed nose. I have only ever seen roadkill before. Then I followed tractor tracks in a barley field, trying to get closer. I spotted a dot of light like a lit L.E.D. This seemed improbable in the middle of a barley field. I tool a photo which came out as a one pixel dot on a black background. Then I had a closer look with a torch. There was a glow-worm (Lampyris_noctiluca) sitting on a stalk close to the ground with its light emitting bum pointing upwards. The torch didn't disturb it and it continued to glow steadily. I believe these are extremely rare.

So I failed to reach the hashpoint. I wet my trouser legs by wading through the damp barley. I got covered in clay mud. And I got two lifetime firsts, wildlife spotting. Result!



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