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Easily accessible in the middle of Coldham's Common, north Cambridge.



  • PaintedJaguar has an insanely busy day and may not be able to make this, but if time allows, will aim for the hashpoint sometime after 10pm. Others may prefer to plan for a more civilised time :-)
  • Benjw will be in bed at 10pm and prefers the much more civilised time of 4pm.  :-)



I arrived at the hashpoint shortly after 10pm, approaching from Coldhams Lane and crossing the footbridge over the single-track railway line that heads out to Ipswich. The floodlights from the nearby Cambridge United football ground were still on, with several Cambridge United fans around, making their way home after watching Cambridge beat Yeovil Town 1-0 earlier in the evening.

I searched the area around the hashpoint with the aid of a headtorch to see if anybody else had been earlier in the day and left any kind of marker, but none were found. Instead, copious quantities of rubbish were noted, and a handful, including an empty bottle of apple juice and an empty can of Strongbow, were taken to a nearby bin in order to claim a geotrash achievement.

On the way home, whilst crossing the railway bridge again, a signal changed from red to green and so I waited to watch the train go past. Whilst waiting, I indirectly observed an unidentified creature on the railway line by virtue of its eyes reflecting the light from my headtorch. I couldn't make out any other details of what it was other than the eyes. The creature would remain motionless, staring up at me on the footbridge, for maybe 15 seconds at a time, before turning its back (thus disappearing from my view) for a while, and then reappearing and reflecting my torchlight in its eyes again from further up the track. This process repeated itself a few times, and I started to play a guessing game of how far up the track it would be the next time it turned around (I know how to have fun!). Finally the train came past, ruining the game by presumably scaring the creature some distance away from the tracks, never to be seen again, and I decided it was time to head home.


Ben was aiming to visit in the late afternoon, but only remembered about it at about 4:30pm -- by which time there were things at home that needed doing. Ben resolved to go out later in the evening instead. And then forgot again. Oops.


To follow...


PaintedJaguar earned the GeoTrash Geohash Achievement
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