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Wed 13 Feb 2019 in London East:
51.9606014, 0.4354559

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Somewhere on a 3300 km path over 52 graticules. Success 1.4 km north of Great Bardfield, Esset, UK.


Visit 52 graticules. Hope to hit a hashpoint.



Get up at 02:30 Cyprus time. With the hand-held satnav programmed, get a taxi to Paphos Airport at 03:40. Take of on FR3132 to Stansted at about 06:10. Watch the satnav and re-program it for each graticule. This passes the 4.5 hour flight time quite nicely. There were three close approaches at:

  • 37, 27 - 2.0 km
  • 41, 23 - 3.1 km
  • 47, 14 - 2.7 km

For an "air" geohash, you need to be within 310 metres of the hashpoint. These three graticules were the closest.

Close to Stansted airport, I passed 4.3 km NW of the hashpoint with these details from the tracklog ...

2019-02-13 09:05:52-837

Longitude: 0.389309
Latitude: 51.987543
Altitude: 2629.265 ft
Speed: 172.5 mph
Heading: 223.8
Time: 2019-02-13T08:56:24Z

This point was close to the airport AND close to my usual route home. After five weeks of mountain walking with no driving, I prefer to drive slowly for the first few miles to get back into the habits and reflexes for safety so it was a no brainer. Go via this hashpoint.

Stansted airport long stay parking tried to make me pay £770 for pre-booked, pre-paid parking. No human help was available and it took a long time to locate the "Assist" button to get help. Eventually my story was believed and I got out of the car park. I wonder how many tired people just pay extra to get out and get home.

After a short drive and a 2.9 km round trip on foot, I reached the hashpoint close to a field perimeter, close to a public footpath.

Success after a 13 hour, 52 graticule, 3500 km expedition!



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