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Sun 15 May 2022 in Tarragona, Catalonia:
41.4132375, 1.7852040
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Outskirts of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia, Alt Penedès, by the train tracks, more or less. Capital of cava.




Grabbed Frühlinskiefer at 09h and started biking. It's not the first time I go to the Alt Penedès county from home. To Martorell all known and then I took some new paths. It's getting pretty hot, and reaching 30ºC added to the challenge.

A few geocaches and pictures of insects later I was arriving at the hash, and what's the deal with couches in hashes lately? I also found a couch not 20 meters from the hash. So unexpected. So, I am making the dance, getting sufficient proof and when I want to grab my bike again, deflated rear wheel. Oh man.. I had to find some shade nearby to change tires. Found a spot by the stream where I could hear the frog croak.

With a new tire I didn't want to risk it so I took the train back. But in Martorell I found out there were no transfers, they're repairing the tracks for the next year and didn't want to take the bus for coincidental reasons, so I biked the remaining part back. And it was sooo hot.. If it's like this now, I don't want to imagine summer TT_TT

So, a few unexpected event but a successful expedition overall. That's nice.



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