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West of -30°: .4687567, .6313732
East of -30°: .8045139, .9792409
Globalhash: 54.812500251656, 172.526734605460 (Nominatim)

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Expeditions and Plans

Melbourne West, Australia John, Felix Dance, Stevage, Lachie, Ed, Laura, KT Next to a housing commission block of flats in Fitzroy.
Beersheba, Israel Yerushalmi located ~150 meters just outside of Ta'oz.
Newark, New Jersey Jevanyn This is about as close as we can get, given the parking -- Jevanyn (talk) ...
Portland, Oregon Michael5000 On 31st Avenue in Eastmoreland.
Liège, Belgium Fippe located next to the westernmost farm in Aachen-Orsbach.
Eindhoven, Netherlands Fippe located next to a river in Wyler.
Edmonton, Alberta B cereus Only 2.5 km from home! Off the side of an off-ramp of the Anthony Henday Ri...
Hamburg (West), Germany π π π on the parking area of my local Aldi in Ulzburg, Schleswig-Holstein

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