2022-07-26 45 -122

From Geohashing
Tue 26 Jul 2022 in 45,-122:
45.4687567, -122.6313732
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On 31st Avenue in Eastmoreland.



I recently remembered that I have a bicycle and have been riding it a little bit, so this easy-peasy hashpoint a few miles south of home was an terrific candidate for the first all-biking expedition in, like, eleven years. After work I took a little siesta, it being a bit hot, and then woke up and rode down to the pretty, genteel neighborhood of Eastmoreland. After that, I rode home, 8.8 miles for the round trip. It was fun.



Michael5000 earned the Bicycle geohash achievement
by cycling 8.8 miles to and from the (45, -122) geohash on 2022-07-26.
2022-07-26 45 -122 c.jpg
  • At 95 F, a fairly ~hot~ expedition.