2022-11-11 41 2

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Fri 11 Nov 2022 in Barcelona, Catalonia:
41.7510668, 2.1283536
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Close to the football field of Castellterçol, Moianès, Catalonia.

However, to be more precise, the hash fell on this geocache, <5m from it. The collision can't almost get any closer.




Take the bus there, from Barcelona, and spend a few hours. It's getting dark sooner, so I will have only one hour of light. I was busy in the morning. And take the bus back.

With this hash I will be not only discovering a new county (the Moianès, which is the newest Comarca Catalonia's being formed in 2015) geohashingwise, but discovering all the sorrounding counties to the one I live in, completing a level 1 ring. Just some stats things.


Today is a nice day to go after a hash since today's date is 11+11=22. I can only be a good omen.

It's funny, last Saturday I went on a hike with a friend who has showed me some passion about the hidden places of the Moianès not far from here, and today I find myself going there again. That time we visited to castle ruins, today I had the opportunity to visit a third one. I mean, to town is named Castellterçol which means Castle of Terçol (the name from the one who made it build here), although to create the towns crest the took the alternative meaning Castell tres sols (Castle three suns). I came to realize that town crests here always reinterpret the meaning of the town's name.

Well, back to the expedition. Went to Barcelona where I would be taking the bus to Castellterçol. Everything went fine, only a 10minute delay.

Once there I went directly for the hash, while I still had sunlight. And as expected, and mentioned, the hash was only 4 meters apart of an existing geocache which I also got to find :D

Then I visited the towns centre and the castle of Castellterçol. While on the outskirts and the forest is when it got dark. So I went back to the village and spend some time until the bus to Barcelona came and hopped on. A nice expedition.

Incidently I am realizing that this is the highets hash I have located so far in an altitude of 725m above sea level. Well, the Moianès is a natural plateau so it's not so strange.



SastRe.O earned the Hash collision achievement
by discovering the geocache GC5GBBG 4m from the (41, 2) geohash on 2022-11-11.
2022-11-11 41 2 collision.JPG
SastRe.O earned the Public transport geohash achievement
by reaching the (41, 2) geohash on 2022-11-11 via e9.
2022-11-11 41 2 bus.JPG

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