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The Dallas, Texas graticule is located around latitude 32, longitude -96. This area is mostly land, but does include a number of lakes. For some purposes, it could also include visitors from areas up to President George Bush Turnpike commonly referred to as Far North Dallas. The graticule contains a mix of both urban and country locations which should lead to an interesting mix of meeting places.

Residents of Richardson, Garland, Rowlett, Rockwall, etc. might consider the McKinney graticule instead on days when the destination is in the southern half of the graticule.

Today's Location: [Dallas, TX]

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Local Geohashers

  • Luke and his dog Emily are checking things out.
  • fruitcakeknits is on a grad student schedule and budget but faithfully checks her phone. (Nov. '11)
  • Belgernon is the Lone Geohasher. It's like the Lone Ranger, but sexier. Can't make the 12-20 geohash. D:
  • MTset{} is considering geohashing near Dallas on the weekends
  • JMH is going to start geohashing! with his iPhone.
  • RobertB looks at the map every day, and is always present in spirit.
  • index is just staring to geohash. I hope to start geohashing more, especially when I go to college.
  • Neimster lives in the Denton graticule, but visits all four metroplex graticules.
  • BadWolfCubed is late to the game, but is a location-based services geek and is fired up about this prospect!
  • ShinyKevin will occasionally try to reach nearby geohashes.
  • Chandru moved here in 8/15, and tries to attempt a hash each weekend.


Most recent (and future) geohashes on top, Saturday meetups in bold.

2021-02-28 32 -96: Luke and Emily visited an old office building in Dallas.

2021-02-20 32 -96: Luke, Gabe, Amanda, and Emily hiked a muddy nature trail and found the geohash a little ways off the trail in some trees.

2021-02-19 32 -96: Gabe, Luke, and Emily slopped through melting snow to the hash near a treeline.

2021-02-16 32 -96: Gabe snagged his first geohash after a lucky flight into the Dallas Love Field airport.

2021-02-06 32 -96: Luke visited a vacant lot near an intersection in Dallas. It was his first geohash.

2021-01-28 32 -96: FireFox visited a fairly desolate area far away from where I usually go. First GeoHash!!!!

2015-10-26 32 -96 - Chandru made it to an apartment complex in Richardson.

2015-09-20 32 -96 - Chandru made it to a nature area near the University of Dallas.

2014-12-22 - WalkerBR made it to the hashpoint on Marsh Ln.

2013-02-09 32 -96: QuarterCacher reached a hashpoint while visiting DFW

2012-03-02 32 -96: Was my first geohash today. It wasn't very difficult, just in some trees next to a park. I dragged two of my friends with me, and we ran across another geohasher on his maiden voyage as well! --Index

2012-02-27 32 -96: T3h Ub3r K1tten (Michael West) attempted a hash, but it wasn't publicly accessible.

2011-11-07 32 -96: fruitcakeknits appears to have reached a hashpoint.

2010-02-12: The Saturday geohash for this day is in a field right behind the Kaufman County Jail. I suggest that anyone in the lockup on that day qualifies for a (dubious) achievement. --RobertB 16:15, 12 February 2010 (UTC)

2010-01-20 32 -96: "Inactive" my infected ingrown toenail. I just got my first geohash, and on my birthday to boot. With a Tron achievement thrown in just to be silly. --RobertB 22:27, 20 January 2010 (UTC)

2009-03-02 32 -96: Robyn stopped 716 metres short of the geohash at the gate to a field of cows.

2008-12-23: "OMG," says RobertB, I used to live on that street!" Too bad it's his ex-wife's house now...

2008-12-20: Saturday meetup! - Looks like another Saturday geohash down in the southeast corner of the graticule. A forested area west of the Richland Creek Reservoir. Good luck to those who can make it!

2008-12-19: A field southwest of Ferris. Not terribly far south of Dallas, but, like most of the area down there, it's probably private property.

2008-12-08: A city park in the Elmwood neighborhood of Dallas. RobertB used to live two blocks away, and assures all that it is a perfectly safe part of Oak Cliff, with beautiful trees and houses, and best of all, free parking. (He wishes he could go!)

2008-10-11 32 -96: Saturday meetup! - Near the southwest edge of Cedar Reservoir, off Old River road. Belgernon suggests using the State Fair as an alternate location.

2008-10-10: In a field off highway 287, northwest of Waxahachie.

2008-10-09: In a field south of Goodnight, Texas.

2008-10-08: A field a couple miles southwest of Rice, Texas.

2008-10-04 32 -96: Saturday meetup! - A few miles east of Waxahachie, in a field (Good lord, Texas has too many fields.) off Route 878. Like most of the fields in Texas, it's probably private property. Remember to use proper judgement if you decide to go. Or suggest an alternate location somewhere else in the graticule.

2008-10-03: Northwest of Kaufman, in a field on what is probably private property.

2008-10-02: Northwest of Terrell, in a field behind what could be a house off 205.

2008-10-01: In a field several miles northeast of Terrell, just north of New Terrell City Lake.

2008-09-27 32 -96: Saturday meetup! - In a field east of Rockwall, in between I-30 and FM 276. Looks like it'll be a bit of a walk from where there's available parking. And the satellite pictures may be several years old. There could be houses there now. Either way, if you can make it, there'll be people there, probably playing Apples to Apples.

2008-09-26: In a field behind a water tower just off FM 1389, a few miles southeast of Combine, TX.

2008-09-25: Water geohash! On Cedar Reservoir, west of Enchanted Oaks.

2008-09-24: In a field east of Terrell, on the north end of New Terrell City Lake.

2008-09-23: In a field several miles south of Kaufman.

2008-09-13 32 -96: Saturday meetup! - In an empty field near the southwest corner of E Belt Line Road and MacArthur in Carrollton/Coppell. Weather permitting (Damn you, Ike!), it should be an easily accessible spot. There's also plenty of fast food places to meet up at.

2008-09-12: In a field behind a neighborhood in the southern portion of Rockett, TX.

2008-09-11: In a wooded area near the south end of Cedar Reservoir, in Payne Springs

2008-09-10: Some open land several miles east of Waxahachie, possibly on some private property.

2008-09-09: Yet another water geohash on Lake Bardwell, southwest of Ennis.

2008-09-08: Water geohash! On Lake Ray Hubbard just a bit south of I-30. If you've got access to a boat and some spare time, don't be lazy. Go achieve something!

2008-09-07: Near Cedar Reservoir in the southeast portion of the graticule.

2008-09-06 32 -96: Saturday meetup! -- Some land west of Quinlan. It looks like it might be private property, as there is a largish house (or something) near the geohashing point.

2008-09-05: On some farmland south of Midlothian.

2008-09-04: On Lake Tawakoni near Quinlan. Anyone in this area with access to a boat could easily win the water geohash achievement.


RobertB earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (32, -96) graticule, here, on 2010-01-20.

RobertB was the first person to provide proof of reaching coordinates in this graticule. However, Belgernon expressed intent to be at more than one earlier geohash, and may in fact deserve the Virgin graticule award instead.