Displaced origin geohash achievement

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This user earned the Displaced origin geohash achievement
by reaching the ({{{attemptlatitude}}}, {{{attemptlongitude}}}) geohash for [[{{{birthdate}}} {{{attemptlatitude}}} {{{attemptlongitude}}}|{{{birthdate}}}]].

You gain this achievement when you visit the location for the date on which you were born, in any graticule other than the one in which you were born. It's the complement to the Origin geohash achievement: ideal for those prevented by geography or politics from returning to the graticule of their birth. If it pleases you, you may take this achievement multiple times, for every graticule in which you achieve it.

How to Find It

Enter your birthdate in the edit box of the Map lookup page and update it for the graticule of your choice.


Link your expedition here, if you wish. When you add the ribbon to your user page, you will automatically be placed in the Displaced origin geohash achievement category, where you can see the list of other winners.