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The Grand Rapids graticule is at latitude 42, longitude -85. It includes much of the Greater Grand Rapids area along with the cities of Kalamazoo and Battle Creek. Since the area is mostly farm land, the majority of meetup coordinates will likely be on private property, and meeting at the nearest public road intersection may be advisable.

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Dawz: I'm actually from the Muskegon graticule, but more often than not it's far too wet for my tastes. My Saturdays are currently open.

Hakukoru: I'm from Grand Haven, so I may attempt to visit the coordinates for the Grand Rapids area as well, as long as they arent too far south-east. Especially with the current gas prices. Unfortunately I already have plans for this coming Saturday (May 24, 2008), but will check the coordinates for next Saturday and see how it goes.

smq: Live in SE Grand Rapids, work in Lansing. I don't expect to be free any Saturday in July...

Thothman: I recently decided to give Geohashing a shot. At least I'll be paying attention, but I've got my next few saturdays booked pretty solidly. Currently reside in the northmost part of Kalamazoo (Almost into Parchment).

here7ic: I'm from the Muskegon graticule. My Saturday's are open until notice. I'd love to meet up with some fellow Geohashers, provide gas prices and distances allow.

Yvh11a: I currently live in Battle Creek, but all my friends live in Kalamazoo, so I'm familiar with both areas. My Saturdays are usually busy but I'll try to make it to at least a couple meetups (or as close as I can estimate without actually owning a GPS)

Xamnam: I am of limited transportation at this current moment, but if there are any near Cascade/Forest Hills, or even Grand Rapids, I can probably make them.

Abriela: I'm in Richland (between Kzoo and Battle Creek) but I grew up in GR so I'm pretty familiar with the area. Anything that isn't too far away, I'll try to get to. Looking forward to my first meetup!

spankyramirez: I can be found in Jenison, a suburb of Grand Rapids. I've been tracking the daily GeoHashing coordinates for a bit now, but hadn't checked the active graticules here on the wiki. My Saturdays have been pretty full as of late, but i'll look for something that I can make it to. Since I've got more free time during the week, I'll try to hit a few of the mid-week coordinates, and post pictures. From what I can tell I might run into smq as well..

PKsDancingGirl: I'm a student at Calvin College, looking to start geohashing in the area. As of now, I'm free pretty much any Saturday (once I get back to school in September). Granted, I'm only in Michigan until May...but many adventures can be had by then, I'm sure.

Mechaman: I'm a delivery driver and self-proclaimed bit/gear-head who like to have some random fun every now and again. I'll be found geohashing on random days through-out the week. I would like to start trying to go every Sunday about 3pm. If the co-ordinates aren't publicly accessible, then I will try to locate a suitable location as close as possible.

Retsoksirhc: All around geek here. I live about half way between GR and Kalamazoo, along the 131 corridor. Perfect for this graticule. The only GPS I have is on my laptop, but I just figured out how get Sprint to unlock developer mode on my cell phone and install an unsigned GPS application (Mobile Gmaps, if you're interested). Geohashing, here I come.

Psyne: I'm a college student currently living in the south-eastern suburbs of Grand Rapids. Despite being, expectedly, quite busy, I hope to make my way to some of the locations when they happen to be near to me. Don't forget to join the Facebook group to allow for easier meetups!

Socks: I'm a student at Grand Valley... Currently without transportation, though. I'd love to try to visit any locations near here if I can, though.

George: Live in SE Grand Rapids, work at GVSU in Allendale. From August 2013 until August 2017 my family and I seemed to be the only people hashing around here. User:Ipswichb appeared in August 2017, but we have not yet encountered one another.

Recent and Upcoming Meetups

2019-06-28 42 -85 Ipswichb reaches a hashpoint on a bridge over the Grand River in downtown Grand Rapids.

2017-08-11 42 -85 Ipswichb reaches a hashpoint along a beanfield somewhere west of Lansing.

2015-06-18 42 -85 George reaches a hashpoint near the sidewalk on Fuller Ave, Grand Rapids.

2015-05-02 42 -85 George tries for a hash at an abandoned factory in Wyoming, MI. But there is no access.

2015-01-02 42 -85 George reaches a hash on a sidewalk in Grand Rapids.

2014-12-16 42 -85 George tries to reach a hash in Hudsonville, but a house had been built blocking access.

2014-11-26 42 -85 George, Rebekah, and Sylvia get a sidewalk hash in Grand Rapids.

2014-11-02 42 -85 George cycled to a parking area in Kentwood.

2014-10-18 42 -85 George visited a sidewalk at 28th and Kraft in Kentwood.

2014-10-14 42 -85 George and Rekekah reach another cemetery geohash, and certify a coffin potato award.

2014-08-09 42 -85 George, Katja, and Rekekah visit a grassy field behind a residential area in Grand Rapids.

2014-06-17 42 -85 George, Katja, and Rekekah geohash a neighborhood in SE Grand Rapids.

2014-06-08 42 -85 George, Katja, and Rekekah visit a hashpoint on the roadside in Caledonia Township.

2014-05-22 42 -85 George and Rekekah visit a hashpoint in some woods, in Grand Rapids.

2014-04-30 42 -85 George geohashes in another cemetery, but less snow than last time.

2014-02-07 42 -85 George reached a hashpoint in a cemetery in Grand Rapids.

2014-02-01 42 -85 George and Rekekah reach a hash on a snowy golf course in Allendale.

2014-01-21 42 -85 George reached a hash on Richmond St. in Grand Rapids.

2014-01-02 42 -85 George reached an icy geohash at Union High School, in Grand Rapids.

2013-12-14 42 -85 Successful frozen no-batteries public transit tron geohash by George

2013-10-24 42 -85 Parking lot hash next to Grand River by George.

2013-10-19 42 -85 Suburban sidewalk hash, Byron Center by George and Susanne.

2013-08-17 42 -85 Tron hash including ice cream truck on the NW side of Grand Rapids by George and Rebekah.

29 Feb 2012 Coordinates nearly reached by Bredehoft, a Leap Day Hash and a First Hash.

22 May 2010 Coordinates reached by retupmoca and fellow adventurer.

21 April 2010 Coordinates reached by Yvh11a via bike.

23 August 2009 Coordinates reached by excellentdude and girlfriend along gravel road as part of a triple hash!

08 February 2009 Coordinates reached on a relatively warm day by excellentdude.

29 November 2008 Coordinates approached by Yvh11a and fellow adventurer, saw deer.

29 October 2008 Coordinates reached by Yvh11a, Q-tip discovered.

21 June 2008 Alternate coordinates proposed and seconded, but still no meetup.

14 June 2008 Smq sighted the approximate Holland coords in a residential backyard, took some pictures.

07 June 2008 Coordinates sighted by smq and girlfriend.

31 May 2008 - The Grand Rapids coordinates (see the note on the Main Page about problems with the maps) are in what appears to be farmland NNE of Colon and SE of Leonidas. The Big Rapids coordinates are along the Flat River off Whites Bridge Rd. between Lowell and Belding.

24 May 2008 - The meetup coordiantes are in the far south of the graticule: a cul-de-sac at the end of a street in what appears to be a mostly-undeveloped subdivision outside of Vicksburg. The coordiantes for the next graticule north appear to be in a residential back yard in Rockford (oddly enough, also near the end of a dead-end street). --Smq


Yvh11a earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (42, -85) graticule, here, on 2008-10-29.