Raleigh, North Carolina

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The Raleigh Graticule

The Raleigh graticule is at latitude 35, longitude -78 and included most of the counties of Wake, Johnston, Franklin, Nash, Durham, and Cumberland counties.


2018-04-13 35 -78 - Pedalpusher - In the woods, off Moore Perkerson Rd by Lake Royale.

2014-09-19 35 -78 - Dave - Our graticule's first expedition in almost 5 years!

2009-11-18 35 -78 - Robyn - In a field between a subdivision and a utility company.

2009-05-21 35 -78 - NCBears - Geohashing Day Achievement alongside I-540 in a field.

2009-04-03 35 -78 - NCBears - Holy hash.

2009-03-07 35 -78 - NCBears - Sunrise geohash in field.

2009-03-06 35 -78 - NCBears - Quick geohash after work.

2009-02-03 35 -78 - NCBears - Quick geohash.

2009-01-31 35 -78 - NCBears - Sunrise geohash. Scary and cold.

2009-01-08 35 -78 - NCBears - Speed Racer Achievement in residential hash.

2008-08-16: Modexec is in Chapel Hill, and the meet-up location for the Raleigh graticule is a little too far east and way too far south. The location for the Greensboro, North Carolina graticule is actually in a nice little park between Mebane and Burlington. Any takers?

2008-06-28 35 -78: WokTiny was there-ish about 4:20pm. Borrowed Magellan got me within a few hundred feet, I ran ahead to get closer without it, found a creekbed, bottle. Took more pictures, maybe available later.

2008-06-10: The location for today's meet is a little far to the east, but the neighboring graticule (Chapel Hill) is doable! Meet there at 4:30, bring games, food, and whatever strikes your fancy. Red spiders optional. (Caroline and her friend are going!)


  • Dave lives in Durham. He and his wife finally started geohashing in September 2013. Please let Dave know about any promising hashes in the Triangle area!
  • Team Jevanyn have relatives in Wilmington, so they're in the area about once a year.
  • NCBears Eisen and Bear
  • WokTiny did it once.