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Located in West Hartford CT, so closest to the Hartford, Connecticut area, also likely to attempt Boston, Massachusetts Saturday Meetups when possible.

Hashes visited:

6-28-2008 I did a 400+ mile roadtrip to hit the four hashes for Danbury, Connecticut, Hartford, Connecticut, Springfield, Massachusetts & Boston, Massachusetts all in one day. I started a bit before 8am and arrived at the Boston hash in time for the 4pm meetup.
07-07-2008 Visited +41° 28' 55.14", -72° 21' 28.47" in the Hartford, Connecticut granticle.
07-08-2008 Visited 42.0944207°, -72.4804851° in the Springfield, Massachusetts granticle, this required slogging some 200 yards through dense & damp underbrush.
07-09-2008 Visited 41.592489°, -73.041888° in the Danbury, Connecticut granticle. Location in a heavily overgrown lot in a new housing development north of Waterbury CT.

Achievements, well, achieved:

Land Geohash 6-28-2008 (four times in fact)
Multihash Ultra Hash (four locations) 6-28-2008