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Just check out this friggin' graticule, man.

Today's Location: Boston, MA

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The Boston graticule is at latitude 42, longitude -71. It includes most of Boston (minus a few harbor points) and all the suburbs to the west. It is almost entirely land, so most points are reachable (albeit often suburban). It is one of the few known graticules to span 4 US states, though it just barely contains parts of Connecticut and Rhode Island.


Randall plans to play chess at Boston coordinates whenever possible (and once he gets a portable TV, MarioKart)

Geordi will bring Go when he comes.

Sonya y Jason will bring Bohnanza.

Jeff will try very hard to bring Apples to Apples

John will also bring chess (or Risk), unless he's coming straight from class, in which case he will bring his laptop and smiling disposition.

rmo25 will continue bringing a stunt-ready video camera for aerial reconnaissance.

Gabriel will be going to hashes close to Boston/accessible by T/strangers with candy offer him rides to (to which strangers with candy offer him rides), weather/academics/sloth permitting.

Hewhoamareismyself will bring a musical instrument of any kind (Possibly starting a badge of the sort) when he is able to attend, which may be never

Popstar will bring Munchkin and, probably, a friendly, apricot colored cockapoo


All the photos from all the hashes can be seen on the Meetup in 42 -71 page. If you upload photos to that day's hash page add '[[Category:Meetup in 42 -71]]' in the summary of the photo to get it included in the above link.


List of all Boston geohashes with pages.

Most recent geohashes on top

2022-04-28 42 -71 -- Mendon, MA; unclear how the expedition went.

2022-01-13 42 -71 -- Wellesley, MA, near a school.

2022-01-06 42 -71 -- Billerica, MA, in an industrial park. Blocked by a No Trespassing sign.

2021-10-18 42 -71 -- Andover, MA, in the woods.

2021-09-13 42 -71 -- Brookline, MA, on a sidewalk in a commercial district.

2021-06-19 42 -71 -- Bedford, MA, on a road.

2020-03-19 42 -71 -- Purgatory Chasm, not attempted.

2020-02-28 42 -71 -- Walpole, MA, in the woods.

(Nothing in 2017-2019)

2016-07-09 42 -71 -- a retro geohash, 6 years late, on the banks of the Charles next to the Longfellow Bridge.

2015-05-11 42 -71 -- Somerville, MA, by an auto repair shop.

(5 possible retro hashes in 2014 suggested by User:Jiml, that haven't been attempted yet)

2013-09-07 42 -71 -- Hopkinton, Mass, on a trail in a state park.

2013-05-12 42 -71 -- Boxford, Mass, on the side of a road.

2012-02-25 42 -71 -- Carlisle, Mass, at the edge of a field

2010-12-20 42 -71 -- Brookline, Mass, on a sidewalk, maybe

2010-12-13 42 -71 -- Lexington, Mass, in a parking lot, 3200 miles from home

2010-08-21 42 -71 -- Pascoag, RI, in the middle of the woods.

2010-06-05 42 -71 -- Lexington, MA, in the trees near the Clarke Middle School athletic fields

2010-05-31 42 -71 -- Charleton, MA, a power substation

2010-04-15 42 -71 -- Cambridge, MA, a few blocks from the Central Square T Station

2010-02-01 42 -71 --

2009-11-11 42 -71 --

2009-07-19 42 -71 -- Medford, MA, a parking lot on North St

2009-07-11 42 -71 -- Chestnut Hill, MA, Soule Recreation Center and Playground

2009-05-08 42 -71 --

2009-02-28 42 -71 -- Ashland, near a road

2009-01-17 42 -71 --

2008-11-10 42 -71 -- North Andover, MA, in the woods off Campbell Road

2008-11-08 42 -71 -- Stoughton, MA, in the house at the corner of Grove and Porter Streets

2008-10-26 42 -71 -- Boylston, MA, on the southeastern side of the Wachusett Reservoir, off Rt. 70

2008-10-11 42 -71 -- Canton, MA, in the backyard of a suburban home, not too far from the Blue Hills Reservation for hiking.

2008-08-09 42 -71 -- In Brockton, MA next to an off-ramp from Route 24.

2008-07-19 42 -71 -- In Oxford, MA behind Oxford Asphalt, Inc.

2008-07-18 42 -71 -- In Allston, MA on the Birmingham Parkway. Easy access from downtown Boston.

2008-07-13 42 -71 -- In Bedford, MA in the middle of Dunster Rd off Page Rd.

2008-07-12 42 -71 -- In Tewksbury, MA in the middle of Rogers St, near Melvin Rogers Park.

2008-07-11 42 -71 -- In Ayer, MA off Nemco Way, near an industrial site.

2008-07-07 42 -71 -- in Concord, MA just off Estabrook Road.

2008-07-05 42 -71 -- In Richardson Corners, MA in a back yard off of Bay Path Rd.

2008-06-29 42 -71 -- In Groton, MA off of Adams Ave. on the old train-tracks, which are now a hiking/bike riding path. Perfect for an active meetup.

2008-06-28 42 -71 -- In the middle of Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest.

2008-06-27 42 -71 -- In Tewksbury, MA off North Street.

2008-06-24 42 -71 -- In Wilton, NH in the Frog Pond Conservation Area, 3000ft from AHecht.

2008-06-23 42 -71 -- In Tewksbury, MA in the woods off of Rte 38.

2008-06-21 42 -71 -- In Goffstown, NH in the woods near Roby Road and Mountain Road. The big meetup!

2008-06-19 42 -71 -- In Milford, NH in a field north of 101A west of the oval. Most likely private property.

2008-06-16 42 -71 -- In Belmont, MA in Highland Farm Meadow in the Audubon Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary, just off Concord Ave. Site open to the public from dawn to dusk.

2008-06-15 42 -71 -- In Sterling, MA in the woods just off N Row Rd near the Leominster line.

2008-06-14 42 -71 -- Near Haverhill, MA in the woods off Amesbury Rd and Rykman St. The big meetup!

2008-06-13 42 -71 -- Speed Racer Geohash in the middle of Salem St in Wilmington, MA, at the intersection with Middlesex Ave.

2008-06-12 42 -71 -- In Fort Devens, Ayer, MA. A former Army Base, still a restricted area because it hasn't been fully cleaned up.

2008-06-11 42 -71 -- In the woods behind a farm in the northeast corner of Sterling, MA.

2008-06-08 42 -71 -- In Mansfield, MA in the woods bordered by E Belcher Rd, Spring St, and the railroad tracks near I-95 exit 7.

2008-06-07 42 -71 -- In Reading, MA in the southbound lanes of I-95/Rte 128. Caravan for the Speed Racer Geohash achievement?

2008-06-06 42 -71 -- In New Ipswich, NH near the Greenville border, across the Souhegan River from Rte 123.

2008-06-05 42 -71 -- In Sharon, MA, near the Foxboro border and several hundred feet west of Willow St. (Between Willow St, East St, and Red Fox Run)

2008-06-01 42 -71 -- In the Pine Hill Reservoir, Worcester.

2008-05-31 42 -71 -- In South Foxboro, MA in the woods bordered by Spruce St, West St, Daniels St, and I-495. The big meetup!

2008-05-29 42 -71 -- In the woods behind Stevens Pond, just off Route 1, not far from the Square One Mall in Saugus, MA.

2008-05-28 42 -71 -- Inside an office park housing, among others, Agilent Technologies at 40 Shattuck Rd in Andover, MA, just off I-93 Exit 45. Perhaps someone can win the coveted Cubicle Geohash Achievement?

2008-05-27 42 -71 -- On the banks of a brook in the Blue Hills Reservation south of Milton, MA, just off I-93 exit 3.

2008-05-25 42 -71 -- In the woods next to a house in Sandown, NH.

2008-05-24 42 -71 -- Join us right in front of a small suburban home! 1 Gaskill Circle, Hopedale, MA. The big meetup!

2008-05-23 42 -71 -- Water, but very close to land! The Wachusett Reservoir off Route 110 in Clinton, MA

2008-05-21 42 -71 -- Wooded area southwest of Worcester

Geohashes considered

  • 2008-05-30 -- South of Derry, NH in the woods north of Goodhue Road.
  • 2022-09-07 42 -71 -- In the middle of Arsenal Park, in Watertown, MA, right next to the Charles River.
Boston, Massachusetts earned the Largest geohash achievement
by congregating at the (42, -71) geohash on 2008-05-24 with a global record participation of 26 geohashers.
2008-05-24 group sidewalk.jpg
Graticule unlocked.png
Randall & Annuska earned the Graticule Unlocked Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (42, -71) graticule, here, on 2008-05-21.

Local Geohashers

  • Randall
  • Seth will be around after the first week of June '08
  • Dover might place a geocache at any given geohash.
  • Matthew is wondering why the hell he wants to be there on Saturday.
  • Steve will be tagging along when he can.
  • Nunzio will be going, as soon as he buys a car.
  • Andrew finds your ideas intriguing, and wishes to subscribe to your newsletter.
  • Bilal will be around.
  • Victor might come to the next Boston meetup, despite being from RI.
  • demeteloaf might show up one of these Saturdays
  • Dan Will show up one of these Saturdays with as many people as he can drag with him if its within reasonable distance of the NH/Mass line.
  • Kat! will begin showing up once she returns to Boston for college, in the beginning of September
  • Geekthras will show up whenever it's within ~15 miles (biking distance) of his house or he can drag someone else with him
  • AHecht will try to make it to sites in the NW corner
  • Loch
  • Matt is a bit sad this came up the day he leaves the country.
  • Damarie might show whenever it's an hour's bike or T of home.
  • Allan might show up with his friend if it's within biking distance.
  • Geordi Will do his best to be there, life permitting.
  • Sonya and Jason are going for the holy trifecta of MemWeekend.
  • Brad might come eating hash browns.
  • Paul will come unless something better comes along.
  • Jeff hails from Maine but has family in the Boston grid. The Boston grid seems more fun to him than the Maine grids, including with the motorcycle.
  • Keith and Stephanie wish they could feasibly bring their cats.
  • Moku Will bike on Saturdays when possible or if close.
  • Pinecone will show up when there are rides or public transit.
  • Jacob probably won't be back in Boston until September, but it was great to meet you all Saturday.
  • mechfish will come when the location is in proper phase with his own.
  • MissingDividends is a resident of the Potsdam, New York Graticule, but will be in Boston June-August and plans to attend Saturdays (whenever possible).
  • Liz will try to bring sammiches next time.
  • Eli will maybe go on some Saturdays if he can convince his friend to take him.
  • Ben loves spontaneous adventures and new friends, so count me in.
  • John will try to be there if it ever makes its way up to Fitchburg.
  • Shrewd will get there when it's a reasonable distance from wherever she is.
  • Megan will be trying to hit Saturdays if they aren't too out of the way and others if they are really close.
  • Mosher will be solving the problem of personal transportation as it arises.
  • Spot will come as often as possible, and bring his pet raptor Ed.
  • Glen will be around whenever it strikes his fancy.
  • kjones will be there, when the RI graticule is underwater.
  • Rob makes an effort to drive from Cambridge to the Saturday locations, when they're reachable without a GPS. Anyone interested in car-pooling?
  • Bake may attend when Saturday coordinates are accessible from Boston by public transportation.
  • Daktyls may attend when the Saturday coordinates are close enough to drive to without using too much gasoline.
  • hendusoone
  • Chris
  • rmo25 will train, bike, and/or hitch rides from Somerville when possible.
  • Beau lives in Blackstone/Woonsocket, the very south end of the graticule. Will probably attend any Saturday event whenever the hash is close by
  • Julia lives in Hingham, but the coordinates are usually over water. Will attend the Boston meetups in these instances.
  • Daenyth will try to make it whenever you can get there on the T...
  • Hvincent will be there when T-accessible, but also accepts ride offers
  • Marielle will be around until late August.
  • James will be around whenever schedule and transportation permit.
  • drc42 is looking for excuses to ride his motorcycle and geohashing is perfect!
  • brillian will be coming to as many as possible starting the end of June.
  • Lance has no free time, so unless it's on the way to or fro where he's going, he's not going, unfortunately.
  • Lee will be moving to Malden in August and would be happy to bake cakes for when he is able to attend.
  • xaco actually lives in the Lynn graticule, but they're usually in the ocean, so he's poaching geohashes in this graticule when more convenient.
  • virtuald has a carputer w/GPS that will guide him to the hash most weekends...
  • Anomaly
  • Liryon will bring games and a kite when it's appropriate.
  • Curt has canoe, will travel.
  • Aaron will try to stop by any that fall within a 15 minute detour of his daily drive to work.
  • Steveo will try when it's near by me when I'm biking
  • John Horton will bring music (Guitar?) when I can.
  • Cherry is hopeful to attempt a Saturday meetup soon.
  • Bmearns
  • Paco Lopez will be all up and in this graticule after returning from Europe in a few weeks.
  • Hewhoamareismyself will attend and bring a musical instrument whenever possible (Which is 1/99999999999999999999999999 of the time)
  • Josh
  • Unbreakable is planning on going for the first time on September 6th, 2013.
  • Cibachrome is in southern NH and is just getting started as of Jan. 2022.

Also see the Boston Geohash Facebook group.

Non-local geohashers

Add yourself if you are planning a geohash.