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The Springfield, Massachusetts graticule is at latitude 42, longitude -72. This graticule includes the following cities: Agawam, MA; Ashfield, MA; Brattleboro, VT; Chicopee, MA; Keene, NH; Northampton, MA; Springfield, MA. It is one of the few known graticules to span 4 US states.

Water isn't a huge obstacle in this graticule, but forests are. Many of the locations so far have been in the middle of nowhere, which makes getting to them quite difficult. A GPS could come in handy, but the locations are frequently in easy to reach locations.

Today's Location: [Springfield, MA]

Notable Dates

  • 2008-05-24: Was our graticule's first recorded visit, also setting the record for most people at a visit, 3!
  • 2008-06-03: Second visit, tying the record for most people, but this time with pictures (to be posted ASAP)

Saturday Activities

chrisinajar will be attending as many of these as possible. Once I get my Magic cards back, they will be joining me.

Daily Locations

2013-10-05: Coordinates Paul, Charlie, Rory, and Theo reached a hashpoint in the forest near Athol.

2013-04-28: Coordinates Todd biked 12.5 miles from home to be stopped by no trespassing signs and houses where he would have needed to enter the woods for the geohash. He then completed the 25 mile round trip!

2013-03-13: Coordinates Todd and Phoebe had a picnic in the woods at a hash in Skinner State Park.

2013-03-09: Coordinates Todd and Phoebe walked from home to this geohash on the Northampton Bikeway.

2012-06-09: Coordinates Within a wooded area marked on the MotionX map as "Gun & Bow Club" in Granby. Phoebe and Todd didn't look at this particular map until they were already approaching on foot by way of power line access roads.

2012-06-07: Coordinates In the Mt. Holyoke State Park in Granby. Phoebe and Todd grabbed this fairly easy one by walking about a quarter mile on some trails that led right to it.

2012-06-05: Coordinates Deep in a forest near Plainfield. Phoebe and Todd turned around at 0.15 from the point when it became too dark.

2012-05-27: Coordinates In the trees near some houses in West Suffield, CT. Sara biked there but couldn't get to the hashpoint because of GPS problems.

2012-03-21: Coordinates On farmland in Hatfield, MA, near the Connecticut River. Todd got within a mile and turned back to face up to his schedule taking care of the kids.

2012-03-12: Coordinates On a lawn of what turned out to be a house and also probably an entrance to Glen Cove Wildlife Sanctuary. Todd and Phoebe drove within a couple yards of the point, but didn't get out of the car because, although it's clearly marked as part of the wildlife sanctuary, it was also very much like a yard.

2012-03-06: Coordinates 100 yards from an unplowed road in a state forest near Quabbin Reservoir. Todd Missed the location to the tune of a quarter mile because of use of Google Maps and iPhone to find the point. However, the event was memorable for reasons documented on the page.

2012-03-05: Coordinates directly on Gloyd St shoulder in Plainfield, MA. Phoebe caused one (unregistered) person to *walk* there. She took along five others, including a dog. She then visited *again*.

2011-12-11: Coordinates ~35 yards from the road next to some high tension wires. Hoffmanbike within ~15 yards of the exact point, in thick wetlands and brambles.

2010-09-06: Coordinates Inside a house in East Longmeadow. Sara and her son stopped by, but didn't get close enough.

2010-08-10: Coordinates On the side of a road in Westfield, Massachusetts. Sara and her children visited.

2010-08-07: Coordinates In a field in Marlboro, Vermont. Sara and her children visited.

2010-06-28: Coordinates At the side of a road in East Longmeadow. Sara walked there.

2010-04-10: Coordinates Behind some houses in West Springfield. Sara and her children visited.

2010-04-05: Coordinates At Ludlow Reservoir in Ludlow, Massachusetts. Sara visited.

2010-03-21: Coordinates In Fannie Stebbins Wildlife Refuge, in Longmeadow. Sara visited.

2010-03-09: Coordinates In someone's yard in Gill. Sara visited.

2009-12-25: Coordinates Christmas geohash at Bethlehem Lutheran Church in Sturbridge (Sara and her son visited, as did GuineaPig and Chedrania.))

2009-10-17: Coordinates in the middle of Route 47 in Hadley (Sara and her husband drove through it.)

2009-09-17: Coordinates In a field just off of a residential street in Westfield. (Hoffmanbike didn't make it because of unexpected/unannounced construction blocking my only way in (without trespassing))

2009-09-09: Coordinates on a residential street in Springfield (Sara and her kids visited it.)

2009-08-16: Coordinates in some trees near a meadow in Wilmington, Vermont (Sara and her kids tried and didn't make it.)

2009-08-07: Coordinates in an elementary school in Chicopee (Sara got very close and is calling it reached.)

2009-08-04: Coordinates on a farm in Hadley garethx1 and Gavin rocked it.

2009-08-02: Coordinates Harvard Forest in Athol. (garethx1 and his Son were very close.)

2009-07-25: Coordinates in Harriman Reservoir in southern Vermont (Unsuccessful attempt by Sara with her son and daughter)

2009-07-21: Coordinates in a patch of woods in Granby, Connecticut (One visit by Sara)

2009-07-15: Coordinates in a field in Chesterfield, New Hampshire (One visit by Sara)

2009-07-12: Coordinates at the edge of a suburban street in West Springfield (One unsuccessful attempt by Sara with her daughter and son)

2009-07-06: Coordinates on the shoulder of Route 20 in Wilbraham (One Visit by Sara with her son)

2009-06-27: Coordinates outside the fence of the prison in Enfield, CT (One attempt at a walking Visit by Sara who didn't quite make it)

2009-06-17: Coordinates in the parking lot of a nursing/rehabilitation center in Springfield (One Visit by Sara with her daughter and her son)

2009-06-15: Coordinates in a dingle (steep dell with a stream at the bottom) in Longmeadow (One Visit by Sara with her daughter, her son, and Neighbor Boy)

2009-06-14: Coordinates at a church in Southwick (One Visit by Sara)

2008-07-08: 42.0944207°, -72.4804851° Coordinates located near a stream in the woods behind some homes in East Meadow MA (One Visit by Pixel)

2008-06-28: 42.6581110°, -72.3656342° Coordinates located off a dirt road deep in the woods southwest of Warwick. (One Visit by Pixel as part of a Four hash in one day 400 mile roadtrip)

2008-06-03: 42.884571°, -72.487137° Coordinates located near Nelson and Harrisville, NH, in the woods near a lake. (Visited by chrisinajar, Pamela, and Laura)

2008-05-24: 42.126648°, -72.547533° Coordinates located in Blunt Park near Springfield, MA. (Visited by Evan, Brian, Andrew)

Outdated Statistics

This page used to contain a Statistics section, but no one is maintaining it and it got all out of date, so I'm deleting it.


Consecutive Arrivals - 1
Consecutive Saturdays - 0
Most People - 3 (4 at an unsuccessful attempt)
Geohasher(s) with most arrivals - Pixel(2), Sara (at least 3, but I'm not going to update this number here)

Local Geohashers

  • Todd lives in Florence, MA (aka Northampton). He's trying to limit geohashes to those he can bike or walk to without driving any more than he already needs to. He also has evil notions about decicules and centicules as everyday biking and walking destinations when the day's official geohash is completely out of the question.
  • chrisinajar lives in Swanzey, NH. That just outside of Keene. He will be getting to as many of these as possibly, not likely on weekdays though. (1 Visit)
  • Ho0ber lives in Keene, NH. That's just outside of Swanzey. He will be making it to any of these which are practical, and also not likely on weekdays.
  • Julia will start attending meetups when she arrives at Smith College in the fall.
  • Ryelle is surprised to find another smithie here, and will also try to go in the fall.
  • Fred has moved to UMASS Amherst for college and will attend nearby hashes.
  • Sixdeaftaxis lives in the Hilltowns of Western Massachusetts.
  • Sara lives in the Springfield area.
  • Hoffmanbike Used to live in Chicopee, MA; and now lives in Westfield, MA; will be attending as many as his wife allows him to.
  • Arbolito Lives in Troy, NH. That is just outside of Swanzey, kindof. Hopes to get to a hash eventually..
  • Wrosen also moved to UMass Amherst recently and will attempt to attend any nearby hashes.
  • Caleb lives in Longmeadow, MA. (just outside of Springfield.) He is young, and wants to find some geohashes, but his mom may not let him.

Also, check out the Springfield Geohashers Facebook Group