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The Danbury, Connecticut graticule is at latitude 41, longitude -73. This graticule includes the cities of Bridgeport, Danbury, Greenwich, Norwalk, Stamford, and Waterbury in the state of Connecticut; and the entirety of Beacon, Poughkeepsie, and White Plains, New York. The eastern half of Kingston, New York is also included in the graticule. Finally, this graticule also includes a very small section of northeastern Bergen County, New Jersey. Most of the terrain is either suburban towns, residential areas, or hilly woods and farms. There are many small and otherwise lakes and ponds, as well as some of Long Island Sound and the Hudson River from Kingston to Yonkers. Geohashing shouldn't be too technically difficult, although there will probably be ample opportunities for Water Geohash Achievements.

Today's Location: Danbury, CT


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2016-05-21 failed in my first Holy Hash attempt, in Greenwich at a synagogue for Geohashing Day -- OtherJack

2016-01-03 Walked from Manhattan all the way to Irvington, up the old aqueduct -- OtherJack

2015-07-25 an overgrown lot intended for a new house, east of Peekskill NY. -- OtherJack (talk)

2015-04-24 in a small parking lot on Route 303 in Blauvelt, by bike. OtherJack (talk)

2014-12-25 I reached the Christmas point in some woods near Bedford Hills. - OtherJack (talk)

2014-10-16 A strip mall in Old Tappan, NJ. ShinyNails visited. Got within GPS accuracy, but hash was presumably inside the locked building.

2014-09-14 A house off Hwy 7, south of Gaylordsville. reversedelta visited, but did not gain access.

2013-03-29 My first geohash. This was off Boyd's Reservoir in Carmel, NY. - Mistifi339

2012-02-29 North of Bridgeport. Visited by NCommander.

2010-05-21 A speedbump on Portland Avenue near the Branchvile Metro-North Train Station. Visited by NCommander.

2010-05-20 Hash fell on a golf-course. Paid to tee off and got it. First geohash ever. - NCommander

2010-04-24 Hash hapened to fall in newtown, so it was very close by. hit it with a few friends

2010-04-23 41.8186424°, -73.5508839°: My first Geohash in the woods of Amenia, New York about 1000 fet behind someone barn.

2009-12-30 on sidewalk in residential neighborhood next to the highway in Bridgeport, CT. Sara and her kids visited.

2009-10-12 41.0135057°, -73.9431125° driveway of a business on Pegasus Ave. in Northvale, NJ. And since it's in New Jersey, Jevanyn made it!

2009-03-18 41.410363°, -73.243382° This one is literally right around the corner from me.. less than a mile away in the Sandy Hook section of Newtown, CT.

2009-03-14 41.540736°, -73.111904° My first geohash.. this one was in Middlebury, CT on Carriage Drive.

2008-12-27 41.598876°, -73.077635° This one is in my neck of the woods - looks like it's out in a small wooded area between an apartment complex and a residential neighborhood in Oakville. A stream also appears to cut through the woods near the hashpoint. Will try to leave some sort of sign!

2008-11-27 41.689637°, -73.964462° looks like it's in the woods beside US 9W, a little south of the Mid-Hudson Bridge from Poughkeepsie to Highland. Dtobias passed about a mile from it on the way to Thanksgiving dinner, but didn't actually go to the hashpoint.

2008-08-30 41.1190723°, -73.4226173°

2008-08-16 41.3351359°, -73.6121764° The location for 2008-08-16 is in the Franklin Fels Memorial Sanctuary, owned by the Bedford Audubon Society, very close to a geocache: Franklin's Tower II - If you were thinking of doing both, the trailhead is on Lakeview Road. See the above link for the Sanctuary for more info.

2008-08-08 41.6624398°, -73.9135199° Location on a driveway of a house on Laffin Lane, Poughkeepsie, NY (one visit by Dtobias)

2008-07-26 41.349249°, -73.319051° Location in the middle of a farm in the Hattertown district of Newtown, CT. (one visit by DeltaVictor)

2008-07-09 41.592489°, -73.041888° Location in a heavily overgrown lot in a new housing development north of Waterbury CT (one visit by Pixel)

2008-06-28 41.6581110°, -73.3656342° Coordinates located on a steep hill behind a house just off Route 202 near New Preston. (One Visit by Pixel as part of a Four hash in one day 400 mile roadtrip)

2008-06-09 41.03773°, -73.790508° location in a front yard in Greenburgh, NY (one visit by Timthecuber)

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